Top foods that “kill” brain: don’t have

Топ продуктов, которые "убивают" мозг: не смейте есть

The stomach and brain – organs that communicate with each other. The experiments of scientists show that under stress there are negative changes in the intestinal microflora. Stomach problems can lead to depression due to a sharp decrease in the production of serotonin.

The diet should be more greens, fruits and vegetables to avoid such problems. To avoid TRANS fats – a special kind of unsaturated fats, which are obtained by transfer of the liquid vegetable fats into solid state for industry. They are found in processed foods, margarine, cheap confectionery, mayonnaise and other products.

Also avoid sugar and flour products is like eating the brain stops receiving enough oxygen and nutrients. Salty foods are also harmful, because it delays the fluid.

Excess salt can disrupt the nutrition of the brain, so forget about the pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms, fish and meats. This can be attributed to products containing preservatives, fragrances and dyes.

Such supplements are to our brain’s source of toxins, free radicals. Bringing the nutrition of brain cells deteriorating. In this case, carefully study product labels.