Top matches of the weekend: North London Derby and the threat of “Juventus” from Ukrainian

Топ-матчи уикенда: дерби Северного Лондона и угроза "Ювентусу" от украинца

Топ-матчи уикенда: дерби Северного Лондона и угроза "Ювентусу" от украинца

About fifty matches of the highest level every week. Thank you in quarantine? Even the championship is not so much to give! Most football summer in the history of the game, anyway. And it’s not going to end.

Only gasped from the incredible interchanges in the final of the Ukrainian Cup, how to prepare for the weekend. Very interesting is the tour of Italy. Juventus, Lazio and inter came to a trail of defeats. The Bianconeri have a chance to lose again because they will face one of the best teams in Europe. No one is not surprised by this characterization of the “Atalanta”?

The North London Derby. As it sounds! In reality, it is a duel of the eighth and tenth commands of the submarine. So low fell “Tottenham” and “Arsenal”. But still is a tribal feud. Mourinho against Arteta is almost the same as Mourinho vs Guardiola. Ideological confrontation, which was always interesting to watch.

Juventus – Atalanta

Forecast: over / under Atalanta over 1.5 goals. Ratio: 2,33

Like Juventus and created a serious handicap in Serie A, but the impressions from the restart, Juventus is still not the best. The setback in the finals of the Italian Cup, the “strong-willed” defeat from “Milan” 2:4, abstract accusations of a lack of entertainment.

But Atalanta only admire. And to the point. Without too much transfers Gasperini has managed to build a team that scores an average of three goals per game, reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League and may become the second in Serie A. Maybe the gold dream? But you need to beat them and hope for their rivals, not easy, by the way.

But to take a win, “Atalanta” still somehow scary. And if the ratio was under five, not modest at 3.45. Therefore, I advise you to focus on scoring the success of the “BERGAMASCHI”. The games in which they score less than two goals, are extremely rare. And after the “magical” performance of the defense Juve in the game against Milan would be weird if they will be able to restrain a frenzied attack Atalanta. After all, Gasperini threat regularly goes from each player. In addition, the coefficient from analysts Parimatch quite attractive.

“Napoli” – “Milan”

Prediction: over 3,5 goals. Ratio: 2,90

The match of two popular teams, who just do not have enough tournament. Both have already lost the fight for the Champions League and Europa League from them is not going anywhere. It is also a duel Gattuso vs Milan. Legend! Under 500 appearances for the Rossoneri as a player and a half season as a coach.

In Napoli, by the way, Gennaro is much better. And even the defeat of the “Atalanta” was not hit by the Neapolitans, with the winning path. In the last 11 rounds Napoli have nine victories.

“Milan” after a pause, not even surprising, and shocking. Victory over Roma, Lazio, Juventus is great! Perhaps we should give a chance Pioli in the next season?

Predict the winner of the frankly difficult – as we see both teams on the go. So refer back to the chapters. And “Napoli”, and especially “Milan” lately, they score a lot. Let it be and in face-to-face meeting.

“Villarreal” – “Real Sociedad”

The forecast: a victory “Villarreal”. Ratio: 2,30

In this match especially a lot to tell will not. From “Villarreal” after the restart was essentially one bad match out of eight. “Yellow submarine” vs “Barcelona” came to compete in open football. And were severely punished. And after that, the team Calleja rehabilitated, confident of beating Getafe. 19 points in eight games is the hope for the Champions League alive but need to win all of the final matches.

Next opponent is quite suitable to take all three points. Real Sociedad quarantine training failed. After a pause, the team is on schedule the fighter for survival – 5 points in seven rounds. So, predicting a victory, “Villarreal”, which is just much more useful. Experts Parimatch, judging by Kefa also predict a home win.

“Tottenham” – “Arsenal”

The forecast: a victory “the Arsenal”. Ratio: 2,80

Arsenal pleasantly surprised. After two failures immediately after the restart, the team adds. The victory over the “Sheffield” and “wolves” away, a draw from a position of strength against “Leicester”. The credibility of the Arteta increasing.

In favor of “Arsenal” two factors. First, the “gunners” will be on two days more for rest. Tottenham Hotspur FC on Thursday played against “Bournemouth”, while Arsenal were preparing for the Derby. Second, a lengthy suspension got Eric Dyer. This player recently retrained as a center back and has been key to Mourinho.

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