Top model Ukrainian 2018 – season 2 watch online, 3 edition

Топ-модель по-українськи 2018 - 2 сезон дивитися 3 випуск онлайн

On the New channel 3 showed the release of the second season of “Top model on-Ukrainian”, which was released 14 Sep 2018. In the previous edition said goodbye right away with 15 participants. Therefore, the struggle continues for 15 models.

In the third edition of “Top model in Ukrainian” season 2 on the participants had a change of style. However, experts did not choose the image everyone can pick up a style of his own. And these changes have already been evaluated by a judge.

Yulia, Sergei and Ivan went first and frankly disappointed the judges. All three of them got 1 point. Further, at the discretion of the experts came Dmitri and Sophia they made a positive impression – they slapped on the two.

A candid image of Alice too was not impressed – 3 points. Style maxima was estimated at 4 points.

Top model Ukrainian 2 season 3 release watch online: who will get the chance to avoid reincarnation

The first who struck, was Denis. For his style, he earned 7 points from the experts. In the style of Yasi too, saw the changes and evaluated them in 5 points.

Egor specifically for the job, pierced his ear is not left without attention of the experts – the transformation was estimated at 5 points. Ian chose a very feminine and undoubtedly looked different. For this she got 6. In the character of Anna, the experts noticed the style of Alla Kostromov. And while all agreed that the leading girl does not hold, and estimated it at 6 points.

Top model Ukrainian 2 season 3 release watch online: who has changed beyond recognition

Kate wore a blonde wig-to – care- experts were amazed – 7 points. Johnny covered his eyebrows, and earned 8 points. Dmitry stylish guy, so in this task, he also looked “fashion”. It was noticed by the experts and gave him a maximum of 9 points.

Therefore, only Dmitry will not fall under the hot hand of the stylists. The first scissors were Alice, now the girl Kare haircut and dark hair color. Changes undergone, and Ian – her highlighted hair. And Kate got pink hair.

Significant changes have undergone and the guys. Dmitri was blond. Egor – orange, and Dennis dark brown hair.

Participants waiting for the next job – group photo shoot. From the very beginning of the project between the parties to conflicts, so working together it will not be easy.

Top model Ukrainian 2 season 3 release watch online: will it have models team work

Yes, and there’s no conflict was not. Sophie’s scandal with the chief makeup artist of the project.

So the time came to shooting video. Each in turn had to be photographed on the point, where they needed to beat role with the aid of props. It became apparent that a requisite model chose incorrectly. And only after Alla’ve changed things, the process went like clockwork.

Top model Ukrainian 2 season 3 release watch online: a serious conflict on the show

The worst this week, the experts identified johnny and Alice. The girl experts have charged that the project she wants to build a relationship with Ivan than to win the project. And yet she decided to give it another chance. Therefore, the project leaves johnny.

Top model Ukrainian 2 season 3 release watch online: who left the project

Sergey Nikityuk is one of the best model of scouts of Ukraine. He opened a lot of new faces in the fashion world, among them top model of Zsuzsa Ivanyuk.

Sonya Placidus one of the most successful and sought-after fashion photographers of Ukraine. In her portfolio of work with l’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

Konstantin Borovsky specialist in men’s fashion, member of “AGON”, Creator of his own brand strtitle-clothing BRVSKI. Ivan Dorn was dressed in clothes from his collection on “X-Factor”. And t-shirt “the Wonderworker” from the brand BRVSKI Alexander Pedan held a dance battle on the Khreshchatyk during the second season of “Top model in Ukrainian.”

Leading the project “Top model in Ukrainian” season 2 – an internationally known top model of Ukrainian origin Alla Kostromicheva. She is working with fashion houses Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Christian Dior, YSL, Givenchy; multiple appearance on the covers of magazines Vogue, l’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle. Alla will now be present at the auditions. Leading the mission is to help the experts to deal with the unprecedented number of participants.

Top model “in Ukrainian”Is a modeling reality show that gives the ability to conquer the world of high fashion for young people, regardless of gender. Here on equal terms for the title of top model struggling boys and girls from different parts of Ukraine. No teams – everyone for himself.

Experts organise for the participants a variety of tests to prepare the graduates of Model school to work in the world of high fashion.

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