Top model Ukrainian 3 season 11 issue: ordeals and the surprise in the final

Топ-модель по-украински 3 сезон 11 выпуск: жестокие испытания и неожиданность в финале

8 November 11 issue of the new season 3 of the show “Top model in Ukrainian.” This week, a mystical issue. This week the girls will have a lot of social projects and a lot of emotional work.

This week in season 3 of “Top model in Ukrainian” for the first task, the girls were invited MIM. He came into their model home. The participants were expecting a fun setting. But MIM has shown a very sad story and touched the girls.

The first task on the project was in the circus. But fun will not. The girls will be in the role of animals, driven into the cage. The purpose of this assignment not only beautiful photos but also a social implication, to convey to people about the inadmissibility of training animals for entertainment.

Lion, Panther, monkey, elephant … each girl had to show a separate animal. Moreover, the model had to show the pain. Being experienced by an animal in a cage.

By the way, the job was watching the chief editor of Most of all it affected and inspired the work of Natalia. So she will get shot for this edition.

The second task this week in Top model in Ukrainian was very extreme. Even the experts recognized that this is one of the most dangerous tests on the project.

Models expected fashion video. This made a gigantic dress and it hangs for 10-storey building. The shooting will be done at altitude and in the air. Of course, the girls had reliable insurance, but with fear of heights not all succeeded.

Natalia, who was the best in the previous task, has not coped with fear and did not work shooting. The girl was left without video.

The third challenge for the Top model in Ukrainian – shows. Simple, but not very. The goal of this task is to walk the path between the haters. These haters symbolized the path of the nails. Moreover. On this challenging track, the girls will drop the balls from mud.

The best model for this task, too, will get a valuable prize. She will star in the clip Artem Pivovarov.

Best Artyom chose Malvina – she showed a very confident catwalk and powerful energy.

In the room of sadness hit Natalia. And this was somewhat surprising, because the first job a Top model Ukrainian Natalya won. Experts called it the best and it gave her shot for But experts her photos not impressed.

The second task is absolutely disastrous, because it just didn’t do a video. And on the third and final test, the girl showed a very mediocre fashion shows, and even laugh experts strange “point”.

The company in the room of sadness Natalia amounted to Katya. Here already all was clear. The girl failed all three tasks. The first task in the Top model Ukrainian girl did not show enough emotion. The second test again in kata more humor, not robots. She is not impressed and on the final test.

The struggle for life this week also carried social implications. Katya and Natalia had to think of a problem and collect people who would support their idea. Natalia decided to deal with the problem, when in a large family produce only one child. And Kate wanted to show that loneliness is a normal feeling. Both were very convincing. And both gathered a lot of people. Alla was unable to allocate one, so both girls remain in the project.

Top model in Ukrainian
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