Top model Ukrainian 3 season 14 issue: who left the project

29 November 14 issue of the new season 3 of the show “Top model in Ukrainian.” In the project already have 5 girls. And this week they became even less project left the red-haired Anastasia.

This week season 3 of “Top model in Ukrainian” Malvina received during the previous weeks the most praise. Experts called it the best. But this week things have model went bad. The first task she failed – could not overcome the fear of height, therefore a good emotion did not happen.

Absolutely disastrous for girls was the third job on Top model Ukrainian. Malvina was too proper and uptight, so are unable to light the audience. As a result, the sound level meter showed a very low result.

The only successful test was the second, when she starred in an intimate photo shoot with Irakli. But if you wager 5 the best, one of the successful tasks is not enough.

Company Malvina in the room of sadness were Nasty. She also showed good work on this week next Top model Ukrainian. The only thing she was good is the first photo shoot. During this shoot she was relaxed and bright. But this was not enough for the following two tasks.

The final task this week on Top model in Ukrainian- over a photo. They will be in the role of air gymnasts.

Although I think Nastya coped much better, and during the shooting, again failed to show enough emotion. It looked corny.

Malvina, however, was much harder and brighter. Therefore, Malvina vigraa fight for life this week’s Top model Ukrainian.

Accordingly Nastya leaves the project.

Top model in Ukrainian
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