Top model Ukrainian 3 season 7 issue: who left the project

Топ-модель по-украински 3 сезон 7 выпуск: кто покинул проект

11 October 7 issue of the new season 3 of the show “Top model in Ukrainian.” The project has already got 12 girls. And this week they became even less project left Nastya “HTZ”.

This week season 3 of “Top model in Ukrainian” is remembered not so challenges, like fights and brawls. Girls quarreled and fought even unto blood. The main organizers of the conflict were “Aunt” and “HTZ”.

Particularly hard fight was in the model house when the cameras have been turned off. After a skirmish Gosha even left scratches.

This is a very angry and outraged by the experts. So don’t be too surprised that these girls were in the room of sadness.

It is noteworthy that both girls were friends on the show. But when they started talking about the place on the project’s next Top model Ukrainian, each said better she.

The struggle for life on the project was the filming of a vine. Each of the girls got in the camera. Shooting Katya and Nastya was attracted to other girls, despite previous conflicts. All agreed to help.

Alla looked at the two roller – more clever he was with Katie.

And she leaves the project.

Top model Ukrainianmodel Is a reality show that gives the ability to conquer the world of high fashion for young people, regardless of gender. Here on equal terms for the title of top model struggling boys and girls from different parts of Ukraine. No teams – everyone for himself. Experts organise for the participants a variety of tests to prepare the graduates of Model school to work in the world of high fashion.