Top model Ukrainian season 2 11th edition online security 2018

Топ-модель по-українськи 2 сезон 11 випуск дивитися онлайн - 2018

On the New channel ended the 11th edition of the second season of “Top model on-Ukrainian”, which was released November 9, 2018. Participants were in for a big surprise – the experts returned two members – Denis and Dmitriy Sukach, who left the project last week.

11 edition of “Top model in Ukrainian” season 2 and experts, and models will be massively violate the rules. The first excitation from the experts was the return of the participants. The other participants, to put it mildly, “not happy”. Again began to fight, and intrigue. 7 participants joined forces in order to survive from project 2 beginners.

Top model Ukrainian season 2 11th edition watch online: returned 2 members

The first task of this weeks show. And participants need to walk backwards, and even between the operating planes. And the hardest thing will be neopomerianus guys, because 7 of the conspirators hid one set of clothes. Thus the model wanted to incite Dmitry and Denis each other. And Dennis decided to give a set of clothes. He was dressed in a suit made for himself.

Top model Ukrainian season 2 11th edition watch online: what will turn to uchaniu party

Week violation of the rules continues. Models were allowed to have a party. Pretty walk, the participants woke up in the afternoon, and they waited for Sonya. Here the participants are lucky because the theme of the upcoming photo shoot – hangover.

The best boy and girl will receive a photo shoot in the magazine Elle Man. The experts agreed that the best girl for the shoot was Julia, and guys – Dmitry Toporensky.

Top model Ukrainian season 2 11th edition watch online: why Denis left the project

Sergey was also prepared for the participants of the show. Go models will be almost in darkness, and to illuminate the way everyone will have competitors. And to test backstage seven continued to put pressure on the two newcomers. And Denis Kovalev has not sustained and has left the project.

Top model Ukrainian season 2 11th edition watch online: the model showed its true beauty

Last job of the week – natural photo shoot. Models stuck underarm hair, and some girls even glued monobrow. in this way they had to show this natural beauty. The results of this photo shoot, someone gets immunity. But better not choose the experts and the participants themselves. Therefore, the participants staged a vote and decided that the immune system gets Maxim.

Top model Ukrainian season 2 11th edition watch online: 6 members in the room of sorrow

Here come the day of sampling. The experts came Julia, Dmitry and Katya Topolnicki. All three got a positive review, but three were in the room of sadness. Meanwhile, the Yasya, which was a failure a week, falls in the happy room.

Meanwhile, Yana and Dmitriy Sukach, who successfully worked out this week, go again to the room of sadness. Even Maxim, who got immunity, too, was in this room. Meanwhile, the company Yasi hits Egor in the room of joy.

Top model Ukrainian season 2 11th edition watch online: who paynow project

And then came the Ala and explained everything – top 6 participants were in this room, because this week is against the rules. In fact, in the category Egor and Yasha.

On testing for the life of the project Egor and Yasha should be the role of the chandeliers. The first was Jas. It should hang over the table, followed by tea guys and set the tone of comfort. And the girl did a good job.

Egor had to set the tone of aggression. The company he was three girls. And they are so strongly accustomed to the role that they began to fight and throw dishes – as a result of Kate and Ian have been cut. Egor to help there was one Julia. And despite the difficult situation Egor showed good emotions.

More successful shots was Greg, so the project leaves Yasya.

Sergey Nikityuk is one of the best model of scouts of Ukraine. He opened a lot of new faces in the fashion world, among them top model of Zsuzsa Ivanyuk.

Sonya Placidus one of the most successful and sought-after fashion photographers of Ukraine. In her portfolio of work with l’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

Konstantin Borovsky specialist in men’s fashion, member of “AGON”, Creator of his own brand strtitle-clothing BRVSKI. Ivan Dorn was dressed in clothes from his collection on “X-Factor”. And t-shirt “the Wonderworker” from the brand BRVSKI Alexander Pedan held a dance battle on the Khreshchatyk during the second season of “Top model in Ukrainian.”

Leading the project “Top model in Ukrainian” season 2 – an internationally known top model of Ukrainian origin Alla Kostromicheva. She is working with fashion houses Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Christian Dior, YSL, Givenchy; multiple appearance on the covers of magazines Vogue, l’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle. Alla will now be present at the auditions. Leading the mission is to help the experts to deal with the unprecedented number of participants.

Top model “in Ukrainian”Is a modeling reality show that gives the ability to conquer the world of high fashion for young people, regardless of gender. Here on equal terms for the title of top model struggling boys and girls from different parts of Ukraine. No teams – everyone for himself. Experts organise for the participants a variety of tests to prepare the graduates of Model school to work in the world of high fashion.

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