Top model Ukrainian season 2 watch online 7 edition

Топ-модель по-українськи 2 сезон дивитися 7 випуск онлайн

On the New channel was completed 7 release the second season of “Top model on-Ukrainian”, which was released on 12 October 2018. This week participants were divided into teams – boys and girls. Which team will score more points?

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7 edition of “Top model in Ukrainian” season 2 for participants started with a really creepy job, the purpose of which was to show cruelty to animals. It was fresh from the catwalk: one of the partners must be an animal and the other is a person who uses their skin for clothing and accessories.

However, the participants do not fully understand the job and instead of edifying, they staged a fashion show on the catwalk a cruel spectacle. So alle and coast had more time to explain the essence of the problem. And even after the explanations of experts model could not make decent shows, further showing a horror movie.

As a result, the experts stopped the contest and drove home models.

On the second assignment for the participants staged Sergei, waited for the punishment for the previous day. All participants had been made up, but the job didn’t tell them.

Therefore, when the first member came to Sergei, he waited two models-pensioners. The task was to join the photo session and establish contact with partners. Many of the models are confused and are unable to fulfil well.

The next task for the participants is also arranged Sergey. This time was also a social action – the expert has decided to raise the issue of the environment. First, they decided to check that the models know about recycling. As it turned out, most of the participants know very little about the correct behavior of the garbage.

Further models back to the catwalk.

The podium was surrounded by a forest, the participants wore glasses with diopters, so a lot of people didn’t see what they have under their feet. For many, this fashion show has become a real obstacle course. During the test dropped dramatically Yasya. She injured her hand, so the runway had to call an ambulance. The girl was taken to the hospital, but the worst fears were not realized – the fracture was not.

The last assignment this week was also show. It was dedicated to the “deadly self”. Participants were required to walk at altitude and thus lead desouky, which will be evaluated by experts. Yasya immediately refused, because it was dangerous, especially given her injury. For Asa refused and Ian, who also decided not to risk his life.

The original was Dmitriy Sukach, who defiantly fell, to demonstrate how dangerous it is. And then Sergey decided to copy this idea, but looked like a fake. Continue the story of the fall repeated and even Maxim.

The difficulty of the task had occurred to Julia. On one of the tests the girl has not managed to attract the attention and get the praise of experts. And though each and 4 judges are fond of the appearance model of the girl, but not enough. So Julia goes into the room of sadness.

Which week does not show good work and Sergei. He was not impressed and this week. So deservedly, the experts sent him to the room of sadness. He and Julia will fight for the life of the project.

The task to fight for the life of the project is also connected with the environment. Both parties must have a frame, like in the movie “American Beauty”, when a beautiful girl have to pour the rose petals. And instead of roses they will crumble unsorted garbage.

The first frame came Sergei. But he had a very limited set of shapes and a spectrum of emotions. So Alla very quickly asked him to leave the shoot. At first, Julia was very difficult to do, because the girls found it difficult to cope with disgust. And she was able to overcome himself and his immediately. So then she was able to reveal himself.

So Alla decided to leave the project Julia. And for Sergey, this project ends.

Sergey Nikityuk is one of the best model of scouts of Ukraine. He opened a lot of new faces in the fashion world, among them top model of Zsuzsa Ivanyuk.

Sonya Placidus one of the most successful and sought-after fashion photographers of Ukraine. In her portfolio of work with l’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

Konstantin Borovsky specialist in men’s fashion, member of “AGON”, Creator of his own brand strtitle-clothing BRVSKI. Ivan Dorn was dressed in clothes from his collection on “X-Factor”. And t-shirt “the Wonderworker” from the brand BRVSKI Alexander Pedan held a dance battle on the Khreshchatyk during the second season of “Top model in Ukrainian.”

Leading the project “Top model in Ukrainian” season 2 – an internationally known top model of Ukrainian origin Alla Kostromicheva. She is working with fashion houses Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Christian Dior, YSL, Givenchy; multiple appearance on the covers of magazines Vogue, l’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle. Alla will now be present at the auditions. Leading the mission is to help the experts to deal with the unprecedented number of participants.

Top model “in Ukrainian”Is a modeling reality show that gives the ability to conquer the world of high fashion for young people, regardless of gender. Here on equal terms for the title of top model struggling boys and girls from different parts of Ukraine. No teams – everyone for himself.

Experts organise for the participants a variety of tests to prepare the graduates of Model school to work in the world of high fashion.

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