Top officials of Serbia was ill COVID-19

Высшие чиновники Сербии заболели COVID-19

The Serbian officials have identified coronavirus disease. Among them the speaker of Parliament May gojkovic, and Minister of defense Alexander Wulin, who visited the military parade in Moscow and met with Putin.This writes the Eurpean Western Balcans.

“The speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia Mai gojkovic, Minister of defense Alexander Vulin and the head of the government office in Kosovo and Metohija Marko djurica revealed disease COVID-19”, – reported the local media.

All of these officials were present at the solemn celebration of the victory of the ruling Serbian progressive party (SNS) in the parliamentary elections on 21 June.

After the elections, the Minister of defense Aleksandar Vucic went to the parade on Victory Day in Moscow, where he met with the leader of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, as well as in Brussels, where he met with President of the European Commission, and Ursula von der Leyen, and other officials.

As reported, according to Worldometer, world 10 069 482 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, including 500 579 fatal, recovered 5 451 703 people.

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