Top propaganda, Putin was punished for using the “NPT”: “breaking the rules”

Топ-пропагандистку Путина наказали за помощь "ДНР": "нарушила правила"

The Russian journalist has vowed to block social networks for such actions

Chief editor of the information Agency “Russia today” TV channel and Russia Today got into a curious situation. Administrators, Instagram removed the publication Margarita Simonyan. The journalist complained to the social network in a personal Telegram channel.

In the post Margarita Simonyan called on to help the fighter of so-called DNR, who was wounded during the armed conflict in the Donbass. It was about the militia by the name of Musa Umakhanov. As you know, injuries sustained at the Donetsk airport, a half-paralyzed man.

The user of the social network without warning removed the entry from the wall to the top propagandist of Putin. Instagram sent a message to the author on that publication broke the rules. In addition, Simonyan warned that her account may be banned permanently in case of recurrence of such incidents.

“We want Instagram to be safe for all,” – said the press service. Margarita Simonyan was outraged and in the hearts of the invited administrators to add: “except for those who we don’t like”.

It is worth noting that the chief editor of RT, in principle, is not very popular among the viewers. Even in Russia. Previously, Margarita Simonyan complained about another humiliating case. At the time, she was faced with a real person.

“At the traffic lights I honked some guy – open, say, a window. I discovered thought, you never know what the trunk, there is not closed, the flat tire. And still turned in his direction to better hear. And exactly in this moment the man hocked a spit right in the face,” wrote Margarita Simonyan.

In the comments, many Facebook users took the side of the unknown activist. They even thanked him for the rude actions of the Russian journalist. One commenter suggested that anyone wishing to repeat the slap in the Simonyan for $ 100.

In addition, social media users mocked the chief editor of the Russian edition on another occasion. The reason again was the publication Margarita Simonyan in social networks. She boasted that in France many deny interviews to other journalists. Supposedly, trust only one media. And this is Russia Today.

In Network on the statement of the editor responded jokingly. “Only an idiot can trust this dump,” vyyasnyali fiction Simonyan in the comments.

Топ-пропагандистку Путина наказали за помощь "ДНР": "нарушила правила"

Топ-пропагандистку Путина наказали за помощь "ДНР": "нарушила правила"