Toronto won the first game of the NBA finals from “the Golden state”: video

"Торонто" выиграл первый матч финала НБА у "Голден Стэйт": видео

In the NBA played their first game of the final series. Toronto has adopted the “Golden state”

“Toronto” from the beginning, the match went ahead. The lead the canadian team in the score were low, so even in the second quarter, GSV at one point took the lead in the score.

And the big break the team went with +10 for the raptors.

The third quarter of the guests won, but to go forward failed. Toronto also kept positive. And won the first match of the final series.

Toronto – Golden State 118:109 (25:21, 34:28, 29:32, 30:28). The account in a series 1:0

The most productive players in this match were the Siak (32 points), Leonard (23 points) and Gasol (20 points) in Toronto and Kerry (34 points) and Thompson (21 points) in the “Golden state”