Tossed and caught: in Russia, the repeat offender was nearly thrown from the window of a little daughter. Video 18+

Подкидывал и ловил: в России рецидивист едва не выкинул из окна маленькую дочь. Видео 18+

Inadequate man tried to throw her child out the window. The incident occurred in the Russian city of Saransk. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash.

It is known that at first, the rowdy started to throw out the window of the apartment belongings and household appliances. He shouted loudly and behaved strangely. Gradually under the Windows was already a crowd of witnesses, who called the police.

However, the incident took a terrible turn – the man began to threaten to throw out the window of their five-month-old daughter. He, holding her leg stuck out and waved it.

At this time, two district police officers were able to climb to the apartment of the malefactor on the roof through the balcony next door. It happened when inadequate once again poked the baby in the window.

The militiamen stopped the man and saved the baby. Currently she is in the hospital, and the attacker was detained.

The Russian Interfax, citing the interior Ministry, said that the detained man was repeatedly convicted.

Local newspaper Izvestia Mordovia reported that on the eve of state of emergency between spouses scandal broke. Drunk man beat his wife and kicked her out. Then he grabbed the baby, the knife and sat on the window frame, threatening to throw the baby.

In front of screaming under the Windows of the mother monster tossed the baby up and catching his feet. Unable to endure this, the woman repeatedly fainted.

A few minutes later arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers who catch criminals, as shown in the video.

Attention! Video is not for the faint of heart! 18+