Total War: Three Kingdoms got the official support modifications

Total War: Three Kingdoms обзавелась официальной поддержкой модификаций

Modification is an important element of the series Total War. The developers at Creative Assembly about this, of course, know – their latest strategy, Total War: Three Kingdoms, got the tool kit Assembly Kit and support “Workshop” on Steam.

For beginners, the authors explained that the modifications in the Three Kingdoms to change the appearance of the fighters, adjusting game balance, adding new interface elements, scenarios, events, characters, and doing a lot more. To put any mod, simply sign up for it and before starting the game to ensure that it is uploaded to the Manager modifications.

The Studio also warns of certain problems, the correction of which it was already running. So, the game may hang after you download the battlefield via multiplayer lobby, and then players can be scattered across the lobby. But if you try to watch the replay after exiting the game, the application may close because of a critical error.

Developers say that the process of making modifications is almost unchanged in comparison with previous projects. They also recommend to read the official guide for Total War: Rome II and future projects, if you have not worked with their tools.

Finally, Creative Assembly recalls: “Workshop” will be moderated. You should refrain from making modifications that “are provocative, threatening or offensive to groups of persons affected the intellectual property of others, or contain material of a sexual nature”.

Details, including a list of tools and is available for modification of the items you will find here.

Total War: Three Kingdoms обзавелась официальной поддержкой модификаций