Tottenham beat Ajax in the semi-finals of the Champions League thanks to a hat-trick Lucas: video

"Тоттенхэм" обыграл "Аякс" в полуфинале Лиги чемпионов благодаря хет-трику Лукаса: видео

The Dutch “Ajax” and the English “Tottenham” in the return game to decide who of them is more worthy to play in the Champions League final. In the first leg in London was won by Ajax. But in Amsterdam, the teams staged a Thriller with intrigue until the final whistle.

Ajax – Tottenham 2:3
Goals: De Ligt, 5, Ziyech, 35 – Lucas, 55, 59, 90 + 5

Already on the third minute of the match Ajax have carried out the attack, after which just three players shot at goal. But every time the blow was blocked with the players, “Tottenham”. Another moment blow Tadic, ricochet off the defender’s foot and just jump Loris saved the team. But not for long. The corner – and De Light his head sent the ball into the goal.

To equalize Tottenham could almost immediately. But the ball after hitting Sona hit the post. And Eriksen didn’t reach the ball. In the second half, stand at these gates will already save Tottenham from conceding a goal.

After that both teams calmed down. Tottenham couldn’t recover after conceding a goal. While not too pumped. But 30 minutes, Tadic could significantly worsen the situation of Tottenham. He clocked Alderweireld in the penalty area and fired a low shot towards the far corner. But the ball went wide of the post.

However, the second goal spurs have conceded before the break. Ziyech Scored. Van De Beek gave a pass to the wing and Tadic, and he was thrown off under blow to the partner. Ziyech was in the penalty area without care and shot into the far corner. Lloris did not reach the ball.

Opposite the first half was the second half. He almost turned everything on its head. Four minutes.

However, in the 52nd minute, Tottenham could close the gap. Alli jump the ball in from a cross into the penalty area. But Onan in no less spectacular jump parried.

But after three minutes as Tottenham scored a goal in this match. The team began a quick attack from their own half. And the opponent of the ball pretty quickly with each other respecively Allie and Lucas. Effective blow struck the last in the bottom corner of the goal.

At the 59th minute of the intrigue of the match was returned. And again scored Lucas. Llorente with the meter failed to hit the target of Onan. But the goalkeeper caught the ball, and the defenders took out his. He flew off to Lucas, and the Brazilian shot on goal, equalized.

To again regain the lead “Ajax” couldn 63rd minute. But this time the ball went past the frame of the gate after blow of Siesa.

When the rest of the match was only a few minutes to “bury” the Amsterdam club could Vertonghen. The Belgian, who for six seasons spent at Ajax, struck from close range. But the defender was able, almost from the goal line to clear the ball.

When was the fifth added minute, the hero of the match was Lucas. The player received a pass in the penalty area and shot into the far corner of the goal. Just past Onan. And led his team to the final of the Champions League. The team will play against “Liverpool”.