Tottenham in the first match, defeated Borussia Dortmund in the knockout stages of the Champions League: video

"Тоттенхэм" в первом матче разгромил "Боруссию" в плей-офф Лиги чемпионов: видео

English “Tottenham” on Wednesday, February 13, in his field took “Borussia” (Dortmund). It was the match of 1/8 final of the Champions League and it ended in the defeat of the guests.

Tottenham – Borussia 3:0

Goals: Sleep, 47, Vertonghen, 83, Llorente, 86

In the first half, chances were not plentiful. More them at players “Borussia”. Although it all started with a dangerous shot Lucas. The Brazilian received the ball on the penalty area line, and in flight tried to get inside the far post. However didn’t get.

Responded the players of the German team moments Politica and Sagada. In the first case, the American was shot from a tight angle, and he coped with his shot. In the second after a corner protector of the head send the ball into the opponent’s gate. But this time demonstrated their skills the goalkeeper “Tottenham”.

Video review of the first half Tottenham – Borussia

And in the beginning of the second half spurs took the lead. Error of the defenders of the “Borussia” led to the fact that followed by a canopy on Sona, who hit the ball goalwards. The ball flew under the crossbar.

Minimum lead remained on the scoreboard until nearly the end of the match. Until three minutes Tottenham scored twice. At the eighty-third minute Vertonghen played as a striker, is also in touch ferried the ball into the goal Borussia Dortmund after a pass Aurier. And then Fernando Llorente, who only two minutes before I took the field head scored the third goal.

Video of the second half of the match Tottenham – Borussia


Tottenham wins with the devastating account. The chances of Chelsea in the quarter-finals much more than their opponents. All will be determined in the match in Dortmund on March 5.