Tour of castle Rock – cozy home of the Executioner in the Eternal DOOM

Видеоэкскурсия по крепости Рока - уютному гнездышку Палача в DOOM Eternal

Even such a brutal young man as the Executioner of Rock, you need a place to let off steam after a long day of work. In DOOM Eternal role of the recreational center provides a fortress of Rock. Journalists IGN walked around the base and recorded a detailed gameplay video.

The local hub will allow you to look for “Easter eggs” for fans of DOOM, unlock new items, listen to music, and unlock additional skins. Hangman’s base also serves as a training ground – there is the prison of demons, where you can fight, not afraid to die and lose ammo or additional life.

Not all areas of the fortress are available from the beginning – to open some doors need a battery Guard. They are found on the main levels and awarded for completing tests.

According to the game Director Hugo Martin (Hugo Martin), in the Eternal , the developers have removed the attention of the universe of DOOM. The authors want the players considered the environment, looking for clues and interpret the elements of the world. Fortress – another source of “Laura” for those who wish to go through it.

DOOM Eternal for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia will be released March 20. Switch version will be released later (when is unknown).

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