Tourists flee from Petra

Туристы бегут из Петры

Victims of mudslides and floods in Jordan were at least eight people, including one child. Powerful rains hit the province of Madaba and Maan on Friday. In Aqaba on the Red sea declared a state of emergency.

Blocked the highway leading from Amman to the South of the country. Closed schools and universities.

Tourists are fleeing to Petra. Authorities evacuated from the ancient city of more than 3,700. The district canceled all field trips.

Authorities urged residents situated in the lowlands of the settlements to leave their homes and take refuge from the elements in mosques.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, heavy rains will continue in Jordan until the resurrection.

Two weeks ago in the floods in the Kingdom killed 21 people, including children. In the area of the Dead sea mud flows washed away a school bus.

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