Tourists on the roof and a drunk driver, an accident with the truck. Four dead

Туристы на крыше и пьяный водитель: ДТП с бензовозом. Четверо погибших

Due to the explosion of a fuel tanker after an accident in the Sverdlovsk region, four people died. The car went off the road due to brake failure. Seven people are in hospital.

“Hurt the people that are around driving. Four to death, which was next to the truck”, – reports TASS.

The accident occurred about 350 kilometres from Ekaterinburg on 7 July. Among victims – 14-year-old boy, was airlifted by helicopter to the administrative center of the region. This is with reference to the representative of the Moi in Sverdlovsk region reported the website Also in the accident injured five men and a woman, they help the doctors of the district hospital.

A driver involved in an accident fuel tanker “Ural” was 51-year-old local resident, according to preliminary data, he was drunk driving. Examination showed blood a large dose of alcohol – 0,706 ppm. All the victims were local tourists.

“The driver “Ural” went to refuel the vehicles involved in the road closures for the marathon “Konzhak”. The driver is allowed seven people to sit on their vehicle,” say the representatives of the defense Ministry of internal Affairs.

Two tourists asked the driver of the tanker truck to haul them to the track, later joined by eight other tourists and a driver were allowed to sit directly on the tank. They were participants in the annual international marathon “Konzhak”.

While driving the driver lost control of the car – supposedly, the brakes failed. The tank went off the road and fled. Arrived on the scene firefighters extinguished the fire. In the aftermath of the accident was involved, emergency workers, regional rescue Services, traffic police and medics.