Tower bridge in London is celebrating 125 years

Тауэрский мост в Лондоне отмечает 125-летие

For the anniversary of the bridge was timed costumed performances, a photo exhibition, symposia.

Sunday, June 30, London’s tower bridge celebrates 125-year anniversary.

The drawbridge over the Thames was opened on 30 June 1894 by the Prince of Wales, who later became king Edward VII and his wife Alexandra.

As stated by the Director of the bridge, Chris Earley, for 2018 the structure called for 865 thousand people. He noted that we are talking only about those people who bought a ticket to climb is located at a height of 43.5 m pedestrian gallery.

Only for the first year from the date of commissioning of the bridge got divorced about six thousand times, so people had erected the gallery below, without wasting time, to cross the Thames.

Now, considering reduction of volumes of traffic, the bridge is opened much less often? about 850 times a year. This is done solely at the request of the owners of vessels of large size, made in 24 hours.

The organization that manages the bridge, hosts a number of events dedicated to the 125th anniversary. Among them? costumed performances, a photo exhibition, symposia.