Toxic fire under Milan

Токсичный пожар под Миланом

In the North of Italy at Milan quarto, Oggiaro at the plant for processing plastic waste on Sunday evening a fire broke out. Reportedly, the flames engulfed the whole building in just a few minutes and rose to a height of up to 40 meters.

To fight the fire were thrown more than 10 fire brigades, who fought all night. Information on victims did not arrive. Local authorities are concerned that toxic substances from the smoke can penetrate into the dwelling. Therefore, residents of Milan warned about the incident and asked not to open the Windows.

Recently on similar sites in the Milan area has experienced a fire. According to local media, perhaps this is due to a violation of fire regulations, as well as the fact that China has stopped accepting waste from other countries, with the result that Italy became to accumulate more rubbish.

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