Toyota and Subaru plan to work together to develop new electric car

Toyota и Subaru планируют вместе разработать новый электромобиль

Japanese automakers Toyota and Subaru have started to jointly develop a new electric vehicle that they hope to bring to market in 2021. On Tuesday said the Agency Kyodo.

Currently, engineers from the two companies are already working on the project.

Subaru initially hoped to create an electric vehicle yourself, however, because of the large costs of the project it was decided to freeze in favor of cooperation with Toyota in this area. The jointly developed cars will be sold under both brands, as in the case of compact sports cars-twins Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86, which appeared in 2011.

Toyota has long paid great attention to technology development of hybrid engines, with a leading position in the global market sales of vehicles equipped with them. However, amid the General interest in electric vehicles, the Corporation has found it necessary to strengthen its position in this segment.

Earlier, Toyota announced its intention to roughly 2025 to cease production of vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines, leaving in its model line only hybrids, electric cars and cars running on hydrogen. In addition, Toyota signed an agreement with two other Japanese companies – Suzuki and Mazda to jointly produce electric cars.