Toyota is testing a racing car based on the Supra 2020

Toyota тестирует гоночный автомобиль на базе Supra 2020

Toyota Supra is ready to take part in the Japanese racing series Super GT in the GT300 class. This video demonstrates testing a sports coupe on the race track before you start racing in season 2020, and I must say that car shows itself very, very well.

Unlike some of the cars participating in races of Super GT in the GT300 class, Toyota specifically builds the coupe version of the Supra for this series, and does not use the model specifications GT3. Competition rules stipulate that the car must have dimensions similar to the regular version of the model, the car manufacturer may make modifications to the aerodynamics, gearbox design and suspension of the car. According to the publication Daily Sports Car, under the hood of the Japanese novelty is a powerful V8 engine.

Indeed, this Supra looks like a much more “evil” version of the conventional model. The car has received wider fenders, a huge rear wing and huge diffuser under the body.

In addition to Supra GT300-spec Toyota team will also be a more powerful version of the coupe, which will be able to participate in a more demanding class GT500. It is known that this version of the model will also be ready for participation in the race next year. This performance machine will compete with the updated Nissan GT-R and Honda NSX with the front engine.

Toyota will also be a variation of the racing coupé for customers who want to take part in the race. Machine version of GT4 will go on sale in Europe in March 2020. Under the hood is a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine, producing 429 horsepower (650 Nm), which works with the seven-speed transmission. Adjustable dampers and Brembo brakes complete the package.

Toyota тестирует гоночный автомобиль на базе Supra 2020