Toyota moved to the last stage of testing driverless Lexus LS

Toyota перешла к последнему этапу тестирования беспилотного Lexus LS

After successful tests of the autopilot in the United States and??Japan, Toyota went with an Autonomous vehicle in Europe. Lexus LS, equipped with everything necessary for self-control, will be transferred for tests in Brussels (Belgium).

Lexus LS, equipped with LIDAR, radar, cameras and high-precision positioning system, will complete the test within the next 13 months. Under the law, the human presence is mandatory, so the driver will sit behind the wheel ready to take control at any time. It will accompany the operator to monitor the autopilot. It is reported by Auto Informant with reference to Carscoops.

“The ultimate goal of Toyota is to minimize deaths in road accidents, and the driver’s task is to study the complex and unpredictable human behavior and its impact on the demands to the autopilot,” explained Vice President of Toyota Motor Europe research & development Gerard Killmann.

Toyota will use its Autonomous vehicles to collect data in the framework of the project L3Pilot, where the Japanese carmaker is participating together with other producers, suppliers, research institutes and authorities from 2017. Partially funded by the European Commission, the project is a precursor to large-scale Autonomous driving tests conducted in 10 European countries, with the participation of 100 cars and 1000 drivers.

Toyota looks at the driver and the car as teammates, so the approach to this method of movement was called “Teammate Mobility Concept”. It will include two advanced technologies: the Guardian and Chauffeur. The first is ongoing monitoring of the actions of the driver, with the ability to take control in an emergency situation, whereas in the latest technology allows the vehicle to move completely independently.

Igor Luntovsky

Toyota перешла к последнему этапу тестирования беспилотного Lexus LS