Toyota opens access to its patents for hybrid cars

Toyota откроет доступ к своим патентам на гибридные автомобили

Toyota plans in 2019 to open a free access to their patents on the technology of production of cars with hybrid engines. This was reported in Wednesday’s Nikkei newspaper.

The Corporation currently has about 20 thousand different patents in this area. What part of them will be open is still unknown. It is assumed that mostly, it involves technologies for the creation of rechargeable high capacity batteries, power converters and directly hybrid systems.

This step Toyota decided to go due to concerns about the decline in demand for hybrids because of the competition with electric cars. The main consumers of patents is expected to become Chinese companies because in China have recently become much stricter environmental regulations. As planned by Toyota, as a result, the production of hybrids will be available to a larger number of corporations that will raise their popularity in the world and will reduce the cost of parts and spare parts.

Toyota launched its first hybrid Prius in 1997 and since then it managed to sell about 13 million cars with these engines around the world. However, the Corporation is not yet able to compete with manufacturers of electric vehicles that are becoming more efficient and technologically advanced. According to experts, in 2030 the share of electric vehicles will account for about 11% of global sales. The share of hybrids will be around 40% – on par with cars running on diesel and gasoline.

Earlier, Toyota announced its intention to roughly 2025 to cease production of vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines, leaving in its model line only hybrids, electric cars and cars running on hydrogen. In addition, to date, Toyota has also concluded agreements with other Japanese companies – Suzuki, Mazda and Subaru – with the aim of joint production of electric vehicles.