Toyota remains most valuable car brand, but Tesla is catching up (PHOTOS)

Тойота осталась самым дорогим автобрендом, но Tesla догоняет (ФОТО)

Toyota is once again recognized as the most expensive car brand in the world. The three leaders committed American. Such information contains in the ranking of 2020 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands compiled by consultancy firm Kantor. In it – the most valuable brands from all areas, not just of the automobile.

Price Toyota in 2020 set at $28,39 billion in the overall standings, it takes 48-th place. Mercedes-Benz, according to Kantar, is $23.35 billion (56th place), BMW – $23,326 billion (61st). On the fourth place is Tesla, she was able to circumvent three of the giants: Honda, Ford, and Nissan. Now Tesla is valued at $11,35 billion, the gap from the leaders is still large, but consider that last year alone the brand has risen to 22%. Moreover, the list of Tesla was the only car brand which has shown growth.

Substantial just fell Nissan – minus 18% for the year. Given his current issues is not surprising.

Kantar notes that in 2008 the total valuation of top 10 global automotive brands only falls. For comparison, the brands of goods in the luxury segment (jewelry, perfume, clothing, watches, and so on) for 12 years had to fall, and then win back losses and gain a foothold at the top. This situation – a sign that consumer interest in cars as a commodity, in principle, decreased. But analysts expect that it will quicken with the development of the electric car market.

It is important to clarify that the value of the brand is not the market capitalization of the company. Kantar estimates the cost using a proprietary methodology, which takes into account broad consumer surveys and a thorough financial analysis. The company claims that their research, interviewing more than three million consumers in more than 50 countries. In the financial part of the estimated amount of income that the products under each brand brought. If the manufacturer of several brands, introduces the factor of attribution.

In June, Tesla has become the most expensive car company in the world: its market capitalization has reached $190 billion Thus, it has even overtaken Toyota ($182 billion). As at 30 June, the market capitalization of Tesla is $187 billion, Toyota $178 billion.

Тойота осталась самым дорогим автобрендом, но Tesla догоняет (ФОТО)

Тойота осталась самым дорогим автобрендом, но Tesla догоняет (ФОТО)