Traffic police will know all about the health of drivers

ГИБДД будет знать все о здоровье водителей

On the Government website published the passport of the national project “Safe and high quality roads”. It States that the interior Ministry will start to receive from the Ministry of health information about those drivers who have medical contraindications to management vehicle

First of all we are talking about who are registered alcoholics and drug addicts, but law enforcement Agency will be given access to other medical opinions. Thus, the traffic police wants to fight illegal registration of medical certificates that allow the drive to those people who have no right to it.

Meanwhile, a draft law on such information exchange was developed by the interior Ministry in 2015. And assignment of such cooperation, the President gave more in 2010. But still no progress in this matter was not. The fact is that the health Ministry fear that it would violate medical confidentiality. The interior Ministry insist that their diagnosis is not needed, and requires only the information about the admission to management and possible medical restrictions. In all likelihood, the two agencies came to some understanding, as the timing of the project is already installed – not later than December 31, 2024.