Tragedy in Brazil: the number of victims continues to grow

Трагедия в Бразилии: число жертв продолжает расти

The death toll currently stands at 110 people identity 71 of them installed.

The death toll in the dam that occurred in the South-East of Brazil last week has risen to 110 people. This was announced on Thursday, Lieutenant Colonel, Flaviu Godinho, a representative of the civil defense of Minas Gerais.

“The death toll currently stands at 110 people identity 71 of them established,” he said at a press conference that was broadcast live by the TV channel “Globo”.

No less than 108 people lost their homes. Currently rescue work at the scene continues. However, the civil defense warned that the chances of finding survivors are almost non-existent.

The dam holding waste water from the metallurgical industry, collapsed on Friday in the municipality of Brumadinho, state of Minas Gerais. Residents of nearby homes were evacuated, several buildings were destroyed by torrents of mud. Brazilian mining company Vale (“Vale”), which owned the dam, announced its intention to abandon the use of 10 similar buildings for security reasons.

According to preliminary data, the large number of deaths as a result of emergency partly due to the fact that at the time of dam did not work the siren. As said on Thursday the President of Vale fábio Schwartzman, streams of a liquid dirt have spread so fast that in a matter of minutes brought these devices to malfunction.

Earlier it was reported about the 99 victims of the emergency. Godinho added that 238 people are reported missing.

As we previously reported, on January 25 in the municipality of Brumadinho destroyed a dam holding back waste water from the metallurgical industry.

On Sunday, the Brazilian mining company Vale has warned about the risk of breaking even one of its dams in the same area, and then rescue the place of the accident were suspended, and the authorities began the evacuation of 24 thousand local residents. Soon, however, the rescue operation was resumed.