Tragedy on the bridge in the capital: a man jumped into the river

Трагедия на мосту в столице: мужчина прыгнул в реку

The divers, who promptly arrived to the scene, saw the bag floating on the water surface

Monday, April 15, in Kiev from the North bridge into the Dnieper river fell.

Divers have been fast enough to arrive to the place where happened the accident. First, the rescuers saw a bag that was floating on the surface of the river. Swam closer, they found the victim, he already went stumbling to the bottom.

The divers managed to pull the man born in 1964, delivered to boat it to shore and is there to provide first pre-medical help. After the victim handed over into the hands of doctors.

Now the causes and circumstances of the incident will deal with the police.

As previously reported, the accident happened with a young man in the river, with the result that I had to call the police, doctors and rescue workers. So, early in the morning the number “102” the man called and said that since the railing of the Amur bridge in the city of Dnepr, a young man jumped into the river.

Police called rescuers, the “ambulance” arrived on the scene. In the water they saw a man who was struggling to stay on the surface.

The arrived divers managed safely to get out of the water guy. It was handed to the doctors. A young man born in 2000 were not injured and received only a slight hypothermia. To explain his action saved could not. On “fast” the victim was sent to the hospital.

We also wrote that in Transcarpathia the man decided to settle scores with life: the deceased was 43 years old, the injuries were fatal.

In the Transcarpathian Rakhiv, a man born in 1975, arrived at a friends. Sunday, December 2, he decided to commit suicide and jumped into the river with a 6 metre bridge.

The victim was from Kiev. After the fall man died at the scene from injuries incompatible with life.

Трагедия на мосту в столице: мужчина прыгнул в реку

Трагедия на мосту в столице: мужчина прыгнул в реку