Trailer for the movie “Aladdin” broke the network: a spectacular video – 24 Channel

Трейлер до фільму "Аладдін" зірвав мережу: ефектне відео - 24 Канал

Studio Walt Disney presented the first official trailer for the movie “Aladdin”. Adaptation of the famous fairy tale in a few days conquered the network: more than 2 million people have watched the video.

In the story, street thief Aladdin, who played racy actor MENA Massoud, wants to become a Prince and marry the Princess Jasmine. At this time, the insidious Jafar is trying to find a magic lamp. She is safely hidden in the cave and access to it is open to only one person – Alado. The protagonist, suspecting nothing, becomes a target for the villain.

The tale has been adapted by Director guy Ritchie that has attracted the attention of moviegoers. Adventure musical “Aladdin,” according to representatives of Disney, will be an ambitious and unusual story.

Impressive and star cast of the film. In addition to MENA Massoud, starring Naomi Scott and will Smith. The latter suddenly turned into the image of Gina. The actual filming lasted from September 2017, so the filmmakers painstakingly treated every detail. We are now completing work on the film. Premiere of “Aladdin” in Ukraine scheduled for may 23, 2019.

Watch the official trailer for the film “Aladdin” (video):


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