Trains rush through the fire in Russia: there was a video of hell, “this is Armageddon”

Поезда мчатся сквозь огонь в России: появилось видео ада, "это армагеддон"

The flames in the far East rise by several metres in height

For several days in Russia raging terrible fires. Due to the abnormally hot winter break out of the forest and fields. February 27 passengers one of the trains took a horrifying picture, reminiscent of hell.

At the time of shooting a train passing Pozharsky district. In the area between stations Guberovo and Swallow grass burning in the fields is so strong that the smoke flooding all around. Strip flame stretch along the paths. Passengers have to roast in cars and choking from the acrid smoke which at one point covered the sun.

According to Russian media, the authorities of Primorski Krai have declared a special fire-prevention mode in 10 municipalities. And fire season is officially open in 20 municipalities of the region. According to space monitoring, remote monitoring “FFA” FBU “Avialesookhrana” on January 1, the fire had already taken over 212 thousand hectares. 77 thousand of them are forests.

The Russians are outraged by the catastrophic situation in the far East. So a user with the nickname Vlad the R wrote in the comments under the video on YouTube: “I love it, no? On the main road of this happening in densely populated areas. The country equipment for firefighting is not like that in Zimbabwe? Or for Chinese sawmills are preparing a territory?”.

The commentator Yon Yonson said that the passengers on the train in mortal danger because of “Armageddon” in Primorye. The journey through the veil of fire and smoke could end tragically:

Usually die not from fire but from the inhalation of combustion products even at a considerable distance from ignition source. That is, to go to smoke is to risk much. (So that the following drivers know. Especially if driven by someone with asthma or in extreme age groups, less than 10 or greater than 60 years). I hope the relationship was with the Manager or something, and the driver knew that there is a depth of 100 meters only”.

Поезда мчатся сквозь огонь в России: появилось видео ада, "это армагеддон"

Поезда мчатся сквозь огонь в России: появилось видео ада, "это армагеддон"