“Traitor”: the Queen caught Tarzan with “blonde and brunette”

"Изменник": Королева застукала Тарзана с "блондинкой и брюнеткой"

The man lay with them in bed.

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Sergey Glushko, more known by his creative nickname Tarzan, said that last hurrah was a success, in the morning he woke up with two “girls”. About the artist announced on his page on “Instagram”.

For publication he added a photo, where is in “blondes and brunettes” right in the bed. From clothes to Sergey – only pants. He gently embraces the “girls” and stares at them.

“Well yesterday I walked…. woke up this morning in the company of two cute girls. Blonde and Brunette”, signed it.

To publish immediately responded the artist’s wife. Natasha Koroleva Tarzan called a traitor and stated that he did not return home because she will not forgive him. To which the man replied, “Honey, that’s not what you think!”.

However, between the celebrity couple was no real altercation – they simply decided to pin each other and their fans. “Girls,” Sergei called two snakes, with whom he regularly performs on stage.

Fans played along celebrities in the comments.

“Sergei, if the coordinates will not be allowed come to me with these two”, – they joked.