Transcarpathia again “close” to the quarantine

Закарпатье вновь "закрывают" на карантин

Due to the significant increase in the number of new cases COVID-19 in Transcarpathia again closed kindergartens and stop inter-provincial communication. At one of the entrances to the region on the highway Kyiv-Chop set the checkpoint.

The Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Alexey Petrov said

“We have just concluded a meeting of the regional Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations. In the last days in the field record record discovered patients with COVID-19. The number of new cases СОVID-19 in the last 7 days on 100 000 population is 32.07, at the stated rate, which is necessary for the weakening of the quarantine, no more than 12 people per 100,000 of the population. Therefore, the Commission of TEB and an emergency has decided to ban throughout the region to improve the epidemiological situation and a separate decision activity kindergartens, interregional transport,” – said in the message.

The Commission’s decision also banned weddings and a funeral with the participation of more than 10 people in the room. Will again be closed pools, fitness centers and entertainment.

Also decided to resume the checkpoint on Branscom pass (highway M-06 Kyiv-Chop) with carrying out temperature screening when entering the territory of the region.

However, the Commission has decided not to prohibit the operation of hotels (in addition to functioning in the hotels restaurants, swimming pools, Spa areas), regular and irregular transportations of passengers by public transport in urban, suburban, intercity, intraregional communication, transportation of passengers by rail in all types of internal messages (suburban, urban, regional and distant) between the regions.

The Directorate General of Gospodarevskaya in the Transcarpathian region, main office of the National police in the Transcarpathian region, the office of the patrol police in the Transcarpathian region of patrol police Department, HF 3002 of the National guard of Ukraine instructed to ensure the conduct of road checks on observance by business entities of established claims regarding the operation in the context of adaptive quarantine.

Special attention, the Commission advises to pay respect to the mask mode, social distance and disinfection in food establishments, gyms, public transport and markets. ready 11 regions of Ukraine, – Ministry of health