Transcend the thirteenth year in a row included in the list of top Interbrand

Transcend тринадцатый год подряд вошла в список лучших по версии Interbrand

Global brand-consulting Agency Interbrand published its traditional list of the most famous Taiwanese brands of 2019.

Already for the thirteenth year in a row, Transcend Information appears in the list of the twenty best Taiwanese brands, which once again confirms the company’s ability from year to year continue to maintain a high level of competence and competitiveness in the dynamic global market.

For more than 30 years, brand Transcend has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy brand which is associated with extensive experience and knowledge in this constantly changing industry. Although Transcend well aware of the importance of maintaining the basic values that underlie the longevity of the brand, the company never stops innovating, redefining and transforming your brand in accordance with the most advanced trends. In the past few years, the company has constantly endeavored to not only create products that meet the needs of its users, but also to expand its role in the global market. Joining the Transcend is among twenty best Taiwanese brands in the global market – it is a great honor and an important milestone for the company. This will be an additional motivation to create even more sophisticated solutions in the field of embedded systems, expansion of strategic product lines and creating new values that will emphasize the uniqueness of this Taiwanese brand.

Transcend plans to focus on developing high-performance and professional drives, while continuing the search for new opportunities. This year, in addition to receiving the sixteenth time in a row awards, Taiwan Excellence Awards, Transcend has released a number of high-performance products such as SSDs MTE220S PCIe M. 2 and portable high-speed solid state drive ESD350. Transcend also continues to invest in the development of society and supports activities in the area of youth sport, because the well-being of today’s youth is the Foundation of future success.

Survey of Best Taiwan Global Brands (Best global Taiwanese brands) initiated the industrial development Bureau of the Ministry of Economics and conducted by the firm Interbrand and the Taiwan Institute of economic research. The system of assessing the true value of trademarks is based on data compiled annually by the company Interbrand ranking of Best Global Brands (Best global brands) as well as quantitative financial analysis of revenues and qualitative assessments of the importance and strength of the brand.