Transfers from the current account will not require the use of registrars of settlement operations of Verlanov

Переводы с текущего счета не будут требовать использования регистраторов расчетных операций - Верланов

Any transfer of goods or services from current accounts of physical person-entrepreneur (FLP), a natural or legal person or through the Bank to the current account PE-simplistic will not require the use of payment transactions recorders (PPO). This was announced by the Chairman of the State tax service of Ukraine Sergey Varlamov on his page in Facebook.

“Lawyers, consultants, it specialists, and other self-employed persons, including those who work on the third group of the simplified tax system, must not apply the payment transactions if their customers pay them only in cashless form without the use of payment cards and to transfer them money on current account by Bank transfer” – quoted Vilanova press-service GNS.

“Also, the RRO is not required if the customer is at the cashier of the Bank makes cash for its further transfer on current account of the seller,” – said the head of tax.

At the same time, if the payments for the product or service held with Bank payment card, such transaction falls under the definition of “clearing operations”. In the GNS noted that the rule acted before.

“This is not a new rule: requirements for the use of RRO for transactions with payment cards operated before. However, we understand that there are many issues regarding the nuances and practical aspects of application of registrars settlement transactions in such calculations. Therefore, together with the Ministry of Finance will explain,” said Varlamov.

On 18 October the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed a law on the legalization of settlements in the area of trade and services, aimed at implementation of the program of payment transactions and the mechanism of cashback.

According to the document, the Cabinet together with the coordination Council should include in the draft law the introduction of a two-year moratorium on inspections of natural persons – entrepreneurs in compliance with the order of application of payment transactions recorders (PPO).

The Cabinet should develop an instrument providing for liberalization of conditions and criteria of FLP to the first group of the simplified system of taxation, accounting and reporting, in particular by establishing larger size limits their income during the calendar year, granting them the right to use the labor of hired persons, as well as expansion of the list of activities that can engage these entities, stated in the decree.

Zelensky also proposed to mitigate the liability of natural persons-entrepreneurs for violation of the reporting regime associated with the use of RRO.

From January 1, 2020, the taxpayer must be given the opportunity to test free software for registration of settlement operations, the document says.