Transmission of a showdown from Europe: why choose them

Коробки передач с разборок из Европы: почему их выбирают

Difficulty shifting or knocking, the oil drips underneath the car, the smell of burning – this is not a complete list of signs that may indicate a malfunction in the transmission. These problems can be solved in two ways: repair (but then have to spend money on parts, work, finally, to wait until they deliver and replace) the or to buy a good working transmission b (contract ICIE) from showdown in Europe. Units are always in stock in the company Euromotors. Ordering need can be acquired on the website and pick up in any point of Ukraine in office “New mail” (also have Express delivery to Kiev, self).

Contract manual transmission: what is the units?

Contract mechanical transmissions are referred to as items imported from abroad into Ukraine under the contract (hence the name). Previously they were on unclaimed new cars or those that were exploited, but at some point not passed the stringent European technical standards. According to these standards, even serviceable parts regularly replaced in order to protect the environment.

Why buy transmission b/u of Europe is profitable

Units became popular for several reasons:

  • Convenience. Design manual gearbox is complex. To find a specialist who will deal with the causes of failure and eliminate them, not so easy.
  • Reliability. Perhaps no one will argue with the fact that the factory original parts – the best that can be in the car. Besides, choosing a fully-working gearbox, the owner insures themselves from cases when after the repair of the same part after a short time goes down the other in the same host. Everything has its own life, and transmission is no exception.
  • Durability. Such mileage manual transmission – 70-110 thousand km plus they are available in a good condition also because in Europe more gentle conditions of operation of vehicles. Moreover, there is the qualitative maintenance.

Finally, the price. Overhaul of unit can do much more than he is in working condition purchased showdown in Europe.

How to prolong the service life of spare parts

Like any other item in the car, the gearbox requires owner attentiveness and accuracy. It is therefore very important to regularly check the oil level, and if it is insufficient or requires replacement, use only high-quality. Also do not neglect the maintenance and to use only proven one HUNDRED skilled craftsmen.