Transparent outfit Jamala treacherously bared Breasts on the red carpet

Прозрачный наряд Джамалы предательски оголил грудь прямо на красной дорожке

Jamal showed a photo from the red carpet of the award “Gold Heat-Ptitsa”.

The photo that appeared on page Jamala, she appeared on the overview of the audience in an unusual outfit. The singer captured on the red carpet in a black jumpsuit with decorative element in the form of a plume of metallic colors. In the chest area this dress is transparent, making laid bare Breasts. Hair Jamala dissolved in a beautiful packing and on her face with bright evening make-up. In the caption, the actress told fans of the history of the red carpet.

“The red carpet is always stressful. Thanks to the talented people who dressed, do make and hairstyle, thus help to hide the excitement and embarrassment. Did you know why the red trail and where it started? I have always been interested! Tradition lay on the important activities and techniques that is the red carpet has arisen more 2,5 thousand years ago in Ancient Greece. This color in their culture was associated with the gods.

Later, in Europe, pointed out belonging to the Royal dynasties. In the era of the birth of cinema, when actors and Directors were a novelty and people wanted to see them live, it was decided to have a little “sinking” in front of the theaters. Then, to emphasize the “star” of this extraordinary profession, and spread out the same red carpet. For the first time this attribute was introduced in 1922 at the premiere of “Robin hood”. Makeup @milenalutskaya. Hair @leragornostay. Style gryzunov. Style @tatyana_larina_tata. Jewellery @ o2jewellery. redcarpet sonataarctica,” wrote Jamal.