Transport will become more expensive: “you can forget about the fare for 8 UAH”

Транспорт станет еще дороже: "можно забыть про проезд по 8 грн"

The wave of rise in prices of public transport swept through the Ukraine in 2018

The population of the big towns like Kiev and the Dnieper are not surprised 7-8 hryvnia for the road in the bus and 5-6 hryvnia – in the subway or the bus. But that’s not all: in 2019 Ukrainians expect another increase in the cost.

Earlier, in January-February 2019 in numerous Ukrainian settlements “jumped” value on the road in public transport. For example, in Lviv, the road to the bus now costs 7 instead of the previous 5-6 hryvnia hryvnia. In the city Council claim that the cost justified the cost of travel exceeds 8 hryvnia, but I assure you that while carriers pay the difference to the municipal budget.

Not all human settlements projects carriers to increase fares was crowned with triumph. For example, in Zaporozhye planned to increase the price of travel in minibuses up to 7 hryvnia, but have not managed due to numerous protests. A journey in city electrotransport and preserved according to 5 hryvnia.

Power Krivoy Rog listened to the conditions of the individual carriers and increased the fare for Shuttle buses up to 8 hryvnia. Carriers complained about the rise in prices of fuel and components.

While in the White Church because the protests did not happen growth of the price of travel in minibuses and trolleybuses. Of course, the permission of the municipality not abolished, but only delayed its implementation until may. By this time, the Commission is obliged to navigate, whether the financial preconditions for the rise in price.

In Kharkov from February 7 to travel in the metro have risen in price up to 8 hryvnia. Rising prices explain the increase of salaries of underground workers and the increase in the cost of electricity. The price of the fare in trams and trolleybuses raised up to 6 hryvnia. But this decision is appealed in court, so that the price increase required to cancel.

The opportunity to free travel on the subway has one-fifth of all passengers, and trams and trolley – 63%. In the same Kharkiv metro for 2018 calculated losses of 165 million, and the latest value is considered completely rational. Head of legal Department of the Kharkiv city Council Vyacheslav Basarab notices that without exception, all calculations pre-tested by experts of relevant departments.

According to the judgment of expert social company “Europetrol” Vyacheslav Konovalov, a factor of the cost of travel is considered to be the desire of carriers to enrich themselves at the passengers, and not need to upgrade the fleet or to increase salaries. But he identified that the problem of compensation by the country of travel for beneficiaries is not closed: funds from the centre to the carriers does not reach, and routes to places say only in the condition of separation of preferential places.

Well, in the case of minibuses, then, according to the speeches of the President of TH “Union of carriers of Ukraine” Valentin Demchuk, rose almost without exception, fuel, spare parts, restoration and acquisition of machinery. Another factor in the rise in price of journey in minibuses is a lack of drivers, which are widely go to a bakery service abroad. In order to keep them, we need to increase pay.

Experts agree that the rise in price can not be avoided. However, until the presidential elections, the sudden increase in the cost, most likely, will not. However, after the announcement of the vote, Ukraine will embrace the latest wave of rise in prices.

Транспорт станет еще дороже: "можно забыть про проезд по 8 грн"

Транспорт станет еще дороже: "можно забыть про проезд по 8 грн"