Transportation of cargoes with “Sammler”: rapid, reliable, affordable

Перевозка сборных грузов с «Заммлер»: оперативно, надежно, доступно

For companies of any size from the largest 3PL operator, the group of zammler company, operates best offer – transportation of modular cargoes. This is one of the most convenient and economical transportation options for small and medium quantities of goods, details of which can be read here: Sending possible in Ukraine and abroad.

Features and benefits of the service

Cargo delivery order, to save on transportation costs. In this case, the senders pay only for the place that takes their tray and not use the entire van. The more senders, the cheaper the service. The only disadvantage is the need to wait for those who will need to arrange sending the same logistics route. But, as a rule, to large operators such as the group of companies “Sammler” delays amount to a few days.

How is transportation of cargoes

The procedure consists of several stages:

  • Delivery of the goods the sender on the consolidated warehouse.
  • Preparation for shipment – packaging, labeling.
  • Drafting of documentation for international shipments, preparing paperwork for clearing customs, the cargo is insured, if necessary.
  • Loading and delivery to the consolidated warehouse at destination.
  • Unpacking and sending to the right address, if such service is provided.

On longer routes the specialist can combine different types of transport to speed up the process and to optimize costs.

Transportation of cargoes in the “Sammler”

Transportation of consolidated goods from the 3PL operator can be booked both individuals and large enterprises. It is valued for:

  • Favorable conditions of cooperation. The company has its own large fleet with cars of all capacities. If necessary, they will involve sea, air, railway transport. The cost of services is calculated individually, depending on the route length, number of overloads.
  • The ability to send all types of goods. The operator carries clothing, equipment, food, etc. the conditions of storage and transportation are strictly adhered to. The cargo is delivered safe and sound.
  • Timely delivery. The terms depend on the relevance of route: the more popular the quicker the van is filled, the container.

Goods are delivered around the country, as well as to Europe and from Europe. If necessary, guests can store in warehouses under guard.

All further questions on the transport you can ask the managers “, Sammler” on the phone on the website.