Transporters of the Dnieper explained why there are information boards at bus stops

Транспортники Днепра пояснили, почему не работают информационные табло на остановках

Over the last two days received several dozen complaints about broken information boards at the stops of the Dnieper. About it in social networks reported by the specialist of control and monitoring of implementation of contractual obligations of the Department of passenger transport Department of transport Department of transport and transport infrastructure of the city Council Ivan Vasukov.

-Yes, that’s right, there are small and disposable problem, – stated in the message. – Publish the full text of the official position of the enterprise “Dnieper electric vehicle” at the information Board:

Operation of placarding and transport management has increased requirements for the server service, and it is: a large volume of information, processing speed, security, redundancy, reliability.

In this regard – the decision to move to a new Server. Transition (migration) to the new server is a complex technical process, in which always arise certain difficulties associated with the peculiarities of the hardware of the new server.

Unfortunately, to completely eliminate downtime during migration is impossible, but minimize the damage to some systems.

Besides, now seen eliminated during the operation of the Information Board disruptions, work-related mobile communications – is a reconfiguration of the equipment.

Work Information boards shall be restored in full in the near future. We hope for your understanding. Work.