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Travel insurance – a constant attribute of any trip abroad. Buying a tour, the vast majority of travelers do not even think about it, what protects them from the insurance policy that is included to the tour package, and in some cases, it may be worthless.

Why you should study the conditions of the insurance contract and what you need to pay attention to “the rescue of drowning was not a problem themselves”.

From what you are insured when you travel abroad?

If the person crosses the border of Ukraine by car, she will definitely have to purchase a policy “Green card”, which is similar to that of insurance policy, but is valid in other countries. However, in the majority of cases, Ukrainian travellers to use alternative modes of transportation – plane, train, bus. So, speaking of travel insurance, mainly talking about an integrated (medical) insurance traveling abroad.

First and foremost, this policy allows you to receive medical care in case of illness, injury or other problems related to health. Usually set free for the insured person of services includes not only a visit to the doctor, and (if necessary) ambulance emergency hospital care, emergency surgery, emergency dental services. Also many policies provide so-called transport services for medical reasons – the patient may be transported to the clinic, the evacuation from abroad, repatriation of the body home.

But in addition to medical care policy often contains a lot of additional optionsthat tourist can choose yourself or which are included in a certain package. These include the close relatives (if treatment is carried out abroad), evacuation of children to 14 years who were left unattended, early return home (in case of death of close relatives), translation services, legal services, telecommunication services (payment of telephone conversation with the company, assists), and the like.

The policy may cover services and not at all related to the health and consequences of illness. For example, some programs provide compensation for service on towing a rented car to the place of repair, delivery of spare parts, payment of compensation in case of loss of documents or delay of flight, loss or delay of baggage, and even insurance from forced house arrest, subject to the availability of a valid reason (serious illness, death of close relatives). But these features are sought after in our country it is extremely rare to find a company willing to write all the wishes of the customer insurance policy, may be difficult.

Туристична страховка: поради та лайфхаки оформлення - 24 Канал
How to arrange travel insurance / Photo pixabay

Should I be concerned about insurance if you buy a package tour abroad?

All package tours include the presence of the insurance policy. But unfortunately, almost all tour operators that sell policies to tourists, require the UK to a huge Commission. Not to overstate the cost of insurance (and hence the cost of the tour), and that the UK could make the policies sold in a package with tours that contain many limitations and exclusions for which to obtain normal medical care abroad is very difficult. Even if the insurance program covers treatment worth up to 30,000 euros, the contract can be a clause stating that any operation will be paid a maximum of € 1000 (which is equivalent to denial of surgery), and dental care maximum 200 Euro.

But it is bad. Many insurance policies do not cover the most common disease in tourist resorts. For example, during a holiday by the sea many of the UK refuse to pay for the treatment of poisonings, diseases of the ear, nose, throat, as well as injuries obtained through sports games such as beach volleyball or tennis. And the insurance that was sold to you tour operators in the package tour at the ski resort, it may contain a clause providing for the denial of compensation for treatment of injuries sustained during skiing. And if you do not pay special attention to this, the result can be very frustrating.

The way out of this situation all by yourself to purchase insurance, which takes into account all the nuances of your trip, and provides maximum coverage.

Туристична страховка: поради та лайфхаки оформлення - 24 Канал
How to arrange travel insurance / Photo pixabay

What to look for when choosing travel insurance policy?

Serious consideration when choosing the insurance program experienced travelers give assistance company. It was she, and not the insurance company will provide primary service is to coordinate your actions with the insurance case. Assisting company enters into contracts for customer service with hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions around the world. And it is from the quickness of its employees, as well as the number of medical institutions with which it has concluded contracts in a particular region depends on the quality and efficiency of services provided to insured persons. Therefore, experienced travelers before you travel to an exotic country and remote from cities, the countryside calling to several assisting companies and find out the availability and proximity of partner medical institutions, as well as clarify the procedure for the provision by these institutions of medical care.

An important factor is the deductible (the amount that is not paid when insured events). In some programs, medical insurance for traveling abroad can contain a zero deductible, some 50 euros, some 100 euros. But there are companies offering the tourist a choice – if you want to pay for cheaper insurance – is a big franchise, you want zero deductible – pay more.

You also need to pay attention to the currency, which provides for the payment of the insurance policy. It is clear that when traveling in Europe, the cost of compensation is denominated in euros, and tours in the United States provide for compensation in dollars. But if, for example, you go to Cuba, the dollar, the insurance will be useless paper – local clinics will not accept such a policy.

Well, in a separate line in the insurance contract always go work for hire, playing sports or active leisure. Therefore, when taking out the policy needs to clearly tell the insurer, what will you be doing during the tour to make the appropriate option, and not to be left without insurance coverage.

Туристична страховка: поради та лайфхаки оформлення - 24 Канал
How to arrange travel insurance / Photo pixabay

In what cases can refuse payment?

The bulk of the UK does not sell health insurance to citizens who at the moment of insurance are abroad. First of all, it concerns the Ukrainian guest workers, who during a stay abroad, e.g. in Poland or Italy, over the term of the policy. Most often, they ask the relatives in Ukraine to issue a new policy and send it to the country of their stay. However, in the case of the insured event, this agreement shall be deemed void and the insurance company refuses to pay on it. The reason is the large number of cases where people draw up policies after the onset of the disease to the UK has paid for their treatment abroad.

Not less common cause of failure of insurers to offset the cost of treatment abroad is the presence of the insured person at the time of the insured event (the trauma) while intoxicated. This is especially true of Turkey and Egypt hotels which offer All Inclusive. Failure is waiting and in case of violation of the tourist law of the country in which it is located.

None of the travel insurance policy does not cover the treatment of chronic diseases. That is, the insured person during a stay abroad to treat, for example, an ulcer or to undergo a scheduled surgery. All that can expect to the victim – a medical emergency (the operation is performed only in the case that we are talking about saving lives), the provision which he offered to be treated at home.

Туристична страховка: поради та лайфхаки оформлення - 24 Канал
How to arrange travel insurance / Photo pixabay

What factors affect the cost of travel medical insurance?

Most insurance companies sell programs that are divided into economy, standard, business and elite – they differ in the amount of insurance coverage as well as a set of services (options). The larger the value of the coverage of the policy and wider set of options – the more expensive the insurance. The longer the stay abroad, the more you will have to pay.

Also on the cost of the policy affected the name of the assistance company and the host country of the traveler. One of the most expensive insurance policy in Equatorial Guinea, due to the rarity of common diseases out there, complexity of treatment and the inability to provide timely medical care due to the particular locations (few medical facilities, no roads, etc.). Expensive insurance in the United States, Canada, Australia. But in Europe, the most expensive about medical care is Bulgaria. So travelers of this country many of the UK think the cost of the policy on individual inflated rate.

An important role plays the age of the traveler. For people over 65 surcharge will be applied, and tourists at the age of 75 years and more, and in General can deny registration of the policy in countries such as USA or Israel.

Another factor influencing the cost of insurance policiesare the activities (sports). Moreover, the amount of the allowance depends on the sports that a tourist is planning to do. For example, diving will increase the cost of the policy in one amount, climbing on another (large) amount, but the skiing will be the highest.

Туристична страховка: поради та лайфхаки оформлення - 24 Канал
How to arrange travel insurance / Photo pixabay

Why should carefully read the insurance contract?

In the pursuit of profit a number of insurance companies have begun to add to the agreements, certain functions, thus increasing the cost of policies. For example, standard medical insurance with the insurance amount of 30 000 euros may contain a clause stating that it covers and the accident, for example, 1 000 Euro. This means that if the injured in the accident, the insured person will not only medical help, but it would pay compensation if she goes with the corresponding statement to the insurance company after arriving home. Customers generally do not apply, because they don’t read insurance contracts and not even suggest the presence of this item. As a result, the insurance company is paying insurance, so its employees during the consultations do not tell about such.

Another option that has recently appeared in some contracts – liability to third parties. If the client SK negligently caused harm to the health of third parties (for example, collided on a ski slope, for which another man suffered injuries) or property (the most common cases – a broken window or a broken filling gun at a gas station), SK in this function should cover these losses. Given that the availability of such an option increases the cost of travel insurance policy only 60-80 UAH, and broken glass is about 1,000 euros – this option is relevant. However, in order to use this service, you must comply with the terms of the insurance contract is to call the police, to plead guilty, to inform about the insured event the assistance company, to collect the necessary documents (no criminal claims, a certificate from the police, court, expert assessment of the damage, and the like). To do this, you need – again – to carefully read the terms of the contract.

Author: Alexander Bardakov
Source: Mind

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