Treatment depends on spice

Лечение зависимости от спайсов

SPICE Smoking blends, impregnated with synthetic psychoactive chemicals.

This easily accessible, toxic drug that was sold in the mid-2000s. for a long time was legal, as it was sold as incense.

In Ukraine, the spice began to gain popularity somewhere in 2007. These aromatherapy herbs containing synthetic cannabinoids could be bought in almost every kiosk. For a long time these Smoking blends have not been included in the register of narcotic substances.

The alarm sounded after began to record severe consequences of the use, which adversely affect all spheres of life consume. The spice was gone from the shelves, but the demand makes the supply. Began the illegal selling of hands, and in the near future, the Internet was littered with many sites that offered everything, including this horrific substance.

A lot of guys who wanted to try the so-called “soft drugs”, have become dependent, not realizing that modern chemicals are much more dangerous than ordinary cannabis.

Even with the short use of spice, very quickly formed a cycle of chemical dependence.

Short-term pleasure from eating, gives way to long-term pain and dysfunction. Rapidly develops dependent mindset, instantly increasing tolerance. Such a person loses control of their life and very quickly destroys itself.

Today there is no doubt that such drugs bring great harm to the entire body as a whole, but the most significant damage of the Central nervous system and of the human psyche.

• Redness of the eyes

• Dilated pupils that do not react to light

• Dry mouth

• High blood pressure

• Increased appetite

• Thirst

• Cravings for sweet foods

• Inadequate fits of laughter

• Awkward speech

• Anxiety

• Uncontrollable garrulity

• Frequent mood swings

• Panic attacks

Consequences of use:

• Liver damage(hepatitis, cirrhosis)

• Disorders of the reproductive system

• Problems with the cardiovascular


• Brain damage

• Lung damage

• Kidney disease

In metabolic disorders

• A hormonal imbalance

• Strokes

• Seizures

• Seizures

• Disturbance of consciousness and thinking

• Reduced intelligence

• Unconscious actions

• Amnesia

• Irritability

• Lost interest in life

• The neuroses

• Depression

• Hallucinations

If you suspect that your child or a loved one began using drugs, you need to first do a test which will give you the opportunity to understand the truth or not.

If, however, the fact that the use was confirmed, we need to hold hands and to motivate the addict to undergo treatment in Kiev.

The healing process needs to take place only in specialized institutions. This assistance is provided the rehabilitation center, where qualified specialists for quite a long period of time, not less than three months, put in order physical and most importantly emotional status of the patient.

In the outpatient setting, while at home, such people can not own to restrict yourself from eating. The actualization of their desire to the substance is so strong that they can’t control their urges.

You need to understand what spice cause severe psycho-physical drug dependence, which alone could not be overcome.