Trends among smartphones: what will amaze the company in 2019

Тренды среди смартфонов: чем будут удивлять компании в 2019 году

The unibrow, the fingerprint scanner on the rear of classical dynamics, is likely to remain in the past. 2019, smartphone makers will surprise with new, revolutionary trends.


Techno 24 gathered for you the most interesting trends that we see in smartphones by 2019.

Almost the main trend is that the Apple ceases to be a trendsetter smartphones. Moreover, according to rumors, the new iphone will get some trending characteristics, borrowed from Chinese or Korean brands.

The hole in the screen of the smartphone

We are not talking about a literal hole, and the hole in the display where you placed the front facing camera. This was made possible thanks to a special screen which was created by the company Samsung. It was called Infinity-O. This approach allows you to save space for the screen.

Тренды среди смартфонов: чем будут удивлять компании в 2019 году

It looked like the concept Samsung Galaxy S10

This hole will receive the company’s new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 to be submitted by February 20. However at the end of 2018, the South Korean company has released a model with a revolutionary display – the Galaxy A8s. On the same day, Huawei released their version of “leaky” smartphone – Honor View20.

As reported by insiders, the same principle will be applied in the new model iPhone, but the details are still unknown.


Not every new flagship smartphone among others and receives support 5G. The first smartphone with support for new technologies has been the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix, which is powered by the new top-end SoC Snapdragon 855.

As for the iPhone, the model with the 5G will appear not earlier than 2020.

Тренды среди смартфонов: чем будут удивлять компании в 2019 году

5G will have a lot of flagships

Interestingly, while none of the mobile operator in the world offers 5G its subscribers. However, several companies are already testing the new generation of mobile network.

Finger scanner in the screen

Times when users trying to find the hole that scans the finger and unlocks the screen seems to have left in the past. Now a clear trend that a fingerprint scanner embedded directly into the smartphone screen. Moreover, until recently, to unlock the device could only attaching only to a specific place on the screen, but now manufacturers are trying to expand considerably the range of “sensitive” part.

Thus, the company Xiaomi has said that the new device will have a much broader area to unlock with your finger. Another Chinese brand Vivo has recently released a concept phone called APEX 2019. This new product supports Fullscreen Fingerprint to unlock the screen using the print, putting a finger to any place on the screen.

Тренды среди смартфонов: чем будут удивлять компании в 2019 году

Fingerprint scanner built into the screen

A smartphone without buttons or holes

Already mentioned above the smartphone Vivo APEX 2019 received another trend – the lack of buttons or holes. It failed thanks to the technology of Unibody (one piece body). Therefore, it seems that the device no traces of bonding. The physical buttons in your device replaced touch that are sensitive to touch.

APEX dynamics to 2019 “hid” with another interesting technology Sound On Display that is a smartphone produces sound through vibrations.

Тренды среди смартфонов: чем будут удивлять компании в 2019 году

Vivo APEX 2019 with no buttons and holes

With regard to the charging holes, it is also not – the device can be charged using wireless charging. Without slot for SIM card, most likely, the smartphone will use e-SIM.

A similar model showed the company Meizu – she got the name Zero.

However both models are only prototypes Vivo promises to introduce a smartphone in the middle of this year.

Reverse charging

The closer the date of the presentation of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10, the more rumors appear around this model. Recently it became known that the novelty will receive the back feature wireless charging, that is able to energize other devices as powerbank.

Тренды среди смартфонов: чем будут удивлять компании в 2019 году

Samsung Galaxy S10 + charging wireless headphone

So far, only Samsung announced the launch of this technology. However, given the fact that the modern user has many devices, reverse charging on the smartphone thing. Therefore, it can be expected that soon other manufacturers will start adding this feature to their new products.

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