Trepak: Customers and organizers of the attack on Gandzyuk can “set the table” for those who have made changes in the organization of investigation of the case

Трепак: Заказчики и организаторы нападения на Гандзюк могут "накрывать стол" тем, кто добился изменений в организации расследования дела

Former Deputy attorney General Victor Trepak questioned, after his dismissal from the office of the attorney General, progress is possible in the case of murder of the Kharkov activist Catherine Gandzyuk. He stated this in an interview with “Ukrainian truth”.

“For several months, in the case of Gandzyuk had made a breakthrough – we changed the strategy and tactics of the investigation. We actually went by Catherine Gandzyuk – “lifted” all the cases about the crimes that she exposed as a public activist. Saw what, or rather who brings these crimes. And when made artificially scattered legal structure together, it is clearly loomed criminal organization, which operated on the territory of Kherson region. 13 members of the organization were informed of the suspicions, some suspect was to change the measure of restraint to detention,” – said the clap.

He recalled the arrest and extradition from Bulgaria of the probable organizer of the crime of Alexei Levin.

“Butt has come to the customer with the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk. In our application, the court extended the investigation period of this case until the end of July, since the previous group of prosecutors and investigators has left us in “the inheritance” is only 17 days into the investigation,” – said the clap.

Ex-Deputy Prosecutor General noted that the optimistic prospect for further investigations – to hold those positions, which left his team.

“If the prosecutors will not interfere, they properly their procedural consolidate and put in place appropriate procedural decision. But at the expense of further progress in that case – I have serious doubts. Success in investigating complex cases is provided by the combination of several points: the ability to make and keep a complete picture of the investigation, professionalism and perseverance of the investigators, investigators and prosecutors. In any case, customers and organizers of the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk may have “set the table” for those who have made such changes in the organization of the investigation”, – added the clap.

Irina Venediktova became the attorney General March 17. 27 Mar Trepak submitted his resignation after he was suspended from the cases of attacks on Gandzyuk and Odessa activist Sergey Sternenko. March 31, Venediktov signed the statement of Trepak.

Case Gandzyuk, as told Venediktov, will oversee its new Deputy Alexey Simonenko. Trepak stated that his dismissal occurred when in Gandzyuk on the homestretch.

Trepak was appointed Deputy attorney General in October 2019. In 2015-2016, he was the first Deputy head of SBU.

31 July 2018 Gandzyuk doused with sulfuric acid near the entrance of her home in Kherson. She received chemical burns over 30% of the body acid got on the back, head, arm, and eyes. 4 November 2018 activist died.