Trial EIT will be at home online

Пробное ВНО можно будет пройти дома онлайн

A trial of external independent testing (EIT) on 15 and 17 June you can go online at home, the press service of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment (uceqa).

“We ask you on 15 June and 17 June not to come to the points of the trial UPE also responsible for the items and their assistants, as well as to inform all your friends, acquaintances and colleagues who may also need to come this Monday”, – is spoken in the message.

So, given the situation, uceqa offers players to pass the test at home as follows:

15 and June 17 at 11:00 to go to its information page, and download the test paper and answer sheet of the Ukrainian language and literature;

– to carry out the task of test booklets;

– until June 19 to submit their responses to the service definition results;

– get your score for the test.

“While working with test notebook try to stick to time frames and not be distracted. The detection service results will work from 11:00 on June 17 to 18:00 on June 19,” – said in the message.

The Center also has reminded that experts of the Ukrainian center of evaluation of education will disassemble each task 4 popular items, provide detailed explanations for all test questions in Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine, mathematics and English and advise on how to pass the EIT in 2020.

“Your test booklets are in the areas of pilot testing, information about the availability of these notebooks you can get in their personal offices of the participants”, – stressed in the Center.

As reported, on June 12 night, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced amendments to resolution No. 392 “On the establishment of quarantine to prevent the spread in Ukraine of acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and stages of weakening of anti-epidemic measures”, which have a quarantine from 22 may until 22 June 2020.

In accordance with the approved amendments, the trial UPE excluded from the list of events are permitted during the period of quarantine (in subparagraph 4 of paragraph 3 of the resolution No. 392 deleted the word “trial”).