Triple nomination for me as the G-spot: an exclusive interview with Olya Tsybulskaya

Тройная номинация для меня – как точка G: эксклюзивное интервью Оли Цыбульской

What is really valuable in the life of every woman, why Olga Cybulski does not advertise husband as supports a new bachelor why the Ukrainian show business – poor and also what she thinks about the three nominations for the award “Firebird” – frankly and sincerely in an interview for LifeStyle 24.

Singer Olga Cybulski not only a decent performer, but also a loving wife and incredible mother. Star not be the last to advertise the face of the son, and waited till he wants it himself. Recently, the public appreciated her efforts three nominations for the award “Golden Firebird”.

The first thing I would like to ask – how do you manage to do everything? Singing career, a family, a job in television and you and host weddings.

Such a thing, the older you get, the more you realize that everything is impossible. Moreover, when you become a mother. Nature took care of the woman. That’s when you know what a really beautiful motherhood and what is really important in your life. Accordingly prioritize. That is why, this morning my son and I walked along the Waterfront and played with twigs, and immediately after the interview with you I have a photo shoot and train in another city on tour.

Тройная номинация для меня – как точка G: эксклюзивное интервью Оли Цыбульской

“Only as valuable as the time we give our children”

Recently you shared the experience I had with you and your husband: when he was approached by an unknown woman and demanded something unknown. Have occurred in the past such misunderstandings?

Here actually know what she wanted (laughs), but perhaps this is the only case. However, once upon a time, we went on holiday to Spain and we managed to stay there for three days. Husband knows how much I love this country, but even better understand that work is out of the competition.

We boarded, I realized that going back and exploded bitter tears when he watched the clouds dissolve my dreams on a romantic vacation.

But what was my surprise when I woke up and realized we were in Tenerife. Turns out it was a prank from a loved one. From a great love, as he explained (laughs). And Director husband persuaded in advance and in fact was waiting for us not a cold pavilion, and one of the hottest trips in my life.

That’s why sometimes you should wait and not jump to conclusions. After all, we have time to get mad and get yourself all worked up faster than get the desired gift.

In fact, happiness is sometimes at arm’s length, isn’t it?

You know, I’m watching my son and understand that those things that we enjoy is actually much closer and more elementary than we think.

Today I Nestor explained that, of course, we can buy another toy in the “Antoshka”, but isn’t more emotion from normal branches, which can be tyknut in the ground and watch as it grows in the woods, and then just play tag, to let sunshine?

This year got three nominations for the “Golden Firebird”. That’s impressive. Tell me what height you would like to achieve next?

Won’t tell you that to me it is crucial to constantly fight for awards or honors. I never to this is not particularly sought. Never built myself a wall rendering, no idea what car I’ll sit in 10 years. But I know that the feelings I give and receive.

My very young fans live on less than I work in show business, that’s why I realize how important the love of the people in all ratings and charts and I am immensely grateful.

This triple nomination for me as the G-spot, because the hint that it would be cool. As a sign for the driver on the road that I was moving in the right direction. What we are where I want move side by side with like-minded people and have the opportunity to build high-quality Ukrainian show business.

Talk about sore. About Eurovision. You were on the selection. Did you have favorites?

I was very pleased with in the last few years our National qualifiers, because right now it’s all happening at a certain level, like a platform where stars can promote their music. Now that’s a different TV picture, the level of training of participants. We have a large number of atristic who are willing to show themselves, ready for the Eurovision song contest.

Тройная номинация для меня – как точка G: эксклюзивное интервью Оли Цыбульской

“Select someone from the national selection of Eurovision on my part intolerant”

Great opportunity, don’t always want to go to Eurovision, just come and introduce your song. This is what we, the artists in the current show business and not enough platform for high quality presentation. It is in this format and see the competition last year and they just came on stage to in the first place, show your creativity, and in the second – to fight for the victory.

I was commenting on the current selection for several publications and really analyzed everything that happened. Talent is the main Foundation. This superpower is owned by all the participants. I’m very happy. Commented strict, but fair. Because who knows, maybe next year I will also have to put up with someone’s criticism?

How do you feel about MARUV?

If I were a man, I probably would have said that it is a very pretty brunette with long legs and makes on stage that I allow myself, my husband and home.

There was a big action regarding her performance, that was very brave. Just for our Ukrainian audience is something new.

For a European audience our MARUV just as little Red riding Hood, who was grandma’s cakes. For us it’s a shock, and for Europe – it is quite normal. And I even joked that if Kiev made a bit cheaper entrance in strip clubs, it would be the norm and no one is not scared.

Тройная номинация для меня – как точка G: эксклюзивное интервью Оли Цыбульской

“MARUV allows himself on stage that I’m at home in bed with husband”

The songs she is cool, quality music, even my son sometimes asks in the car to include Drunk Groove. I understand that this is a new product that has a buyer, the listener and demand.

So just wish her success. Whether it was her Eurovision is a mystery, but her current team skillfully changed the game in favor of the artist and it is in show business deserves respect.

About Pritula, he also threw two different things. It is not something said, there are not so behaved. How do you evaluate his work in terms of a lead, you are leading?

I think that in every person’s life there comes a time when he feels that he can say anything, anywhere. This was the case. He has a certain confidence in the audience, a high level of trust with its fans and among Ukrainians. I know Sergey for a long time, and he already knows his worth. But the more we know, the more we ought to doubt myself.

A lot of cool, famous Ukrainian artists simply ignore Eurovision, why?

All corny – it’s expensive. In our country the artist is going to this event solely at their own expense. Those huge amount of money that you put in the ESC, in practice, can invest in yourself and career development. Many colleagues choose the latter.

What we need in our show-business?

We have a show, but no business. For a long period of time one simply did not invest. Not doing this specifically. It’s a full-fledged business and very expensive. We have very long had the impression that it is enough to find a good guy to sing two songs – and you’re in show business. We have no professional structures that produces high quality and cool experts in their field. What we are taught in University and what we see in business is very polar things.

Your colleague Nikita Dobrynin – “the Bachelor.” How did you react to his appearance on the show and how he agreed to this?

I told him to go on “the Bachelor,” even when he was not married. He was always successful and very handsome guy. He is a media person, him interesting to watch in the frame.

What goes on behind the scenes, it’s time to just bring on TV.

Тройная номинация для меня – как точка G: эксклюзивное интервью Оли Цыбульской

“I just wish nick success

A and I wrote letters, left them on radio, sometimes funny, and sometimes with threats. Finally everyone realized that I was there to anything.

This is a new stage in his life, believe he will be able to find a decent woman. I dream that called me to ask what is better to buy diapers. But he did not say, TC with–with–with (laughs).

How about a series? Watched “Game of thrones”?

I know it’s just peak the topic that has captivated not only the news and television, but also from human heads. In fact, once even tried to watch, but “addiction” in itself has not developed, and now almost no time.

This is a very high quality product. In the end, I just ran across a post in Facebook where someone very accurately pointed out that “all the world is waiting for a series about war, we want peace.”

At what stage is the investigation of the beating of your producer? Don’t you think you have it in tune with the beating Jiji and Zlata ognevich?

Everything comes to an end. Soon a logical ending. Have reasons to suppose that the history DZIDZIO and Zlata is useless. The only point of intersection – turbulent state of society, and as a result – and in show business. But changes are near and I can feel it. I’ll also see brand new. Only a modicum of patience. I promise this spring will be hot.

Photo: personal archive of the singer Olya Tsybulskaya