Trolls – to clean water! Galkin came to the defense of the journalist Golunova

Троллей - на чистую воду! Галкин встал на защиту журналиста Голунова

Leading “best” criticized “paid” commentators in the case of the arrested author of “Medusa”.

Maxim Galkin suddenly distracted from courting chestnuts and education of children and has committed a courageous act, publicly rising to the defense of the arrested yesterday in suspicion of sale of drugs in especially large size, opposition journalist Ivan Golunova, leading in this case to clean water of “paid trolls”. In his Instagram the husband of the prima Donna spoke about the incident and give the incident a rating.

Showman stated that he believes that the case around the author of “Medusa” is politically motivated and artificially fabricated. Moreover, Galkin remembered his linguistic education, and conducted an analysis of the judgmental comments on the pages of famous people who also spoke out in support of detained Golunova. He determined that all of these negative responses are United by a single style, vocabulary and syntax that suggests the work of a specific group of authors. Further Galkin particularly drew attention to the considerable sums that go into the fees figures in this notorious “Troll factory”, bringing dubious benefits to the political image of the country.

The calls of the public and well-known media persons are not left without attention. Not so long ago received a report from the head of the interior Ministry made the decision to stop the prosecution of journalist Ivan Golunova in connection with the failure to prove his participation in committing a crime. Well, on page Galkin began to receive words of gratitude from fans and the sudden recognition of a desire to see him as President. Such ideas have often been suggested by fans. According to commentators, the husband of Pugacheva would be very successful in politics.