Truck with people rolled down from the mountain into the river, has died: details of the accident

Грузовик с людьми скатился с горы в реку, есть погибшие: подробности ДТП

A terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of five people, occurred because of bad weather

The incident occurred on Tuesday, June 11, in Zakarpattya in Tyachiv district. There trucks came off the mountain in a stormy river.

The truck ZIL-131 was five people – two forestry workers and three residents of the village of tarasivka. People went to harvest wood. Suddenly a violent thunderstorm. Due to the bad weather, the driver of the vehicle lost control and the car fell down, according to TSN.

The truck slid right into the river. The accident killed the driver and passengers.

It is reported that they found the bodies of four people. The body of the fifth victim was swept away.

As we wrote earlier, the accident in Transcarpathia lorry with people fell into the river. On the eve of the reported dead and injured in the emergency. So in a serious condition is the 25-year-old girl: “In the river in the Carpathian region dropped seven Belarusian tourists – they are still in the hospital. In serious condition, 25-year-old girl. She has a fractured pelvis and a concussion.”

It is also known that during the accident the truck was 23 tourists from Belarus: “In Kolomyia the firm they had booked a rafting tour to boats to raft on the river Black Cheremosh. To the river they had to get on the truck. But after driving some 100 meters from the place of collection, the truck suddenly drove off the mountain in 40-foot chasm. Killed two tourists and the head of the group”.

Tourists remember the terrible events: “Reduced transmission, the car lurched forward, brakes failed couldn’t stop, dragged into a ditch and dropped down. Those in body, those scattered, those in the cockpit – someone out who didn’t get out.”

To get dead, the truck had to be cut.

“The distance of the abyss of about 40 meters, some people was in the water, and the other part – on the banks. The car was cut – so the bodies of the dead tourists get”, – said the head of the local Department gschs Vladimir Chernetsky.

We will remind, we wrote about the fact that in Ivano-Frankivsk region the tragedy occurred. Three people were killed, another search for the rescuers due to the car falling into the river.

This became known from information published by the Department gschs of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The local Black Cheremosh river from a height of about 40 meters fell in a truck with tourists.

Грузовик с людьми скатился с горы в реку, есть погибшие: подробности ДТП

Грузовик с людьми скатился с горы в реку, есть погибшие: подробности ДТП