Trump acknowledged buying 90% of the stocks of the drug from COVID-19

Трамп признал скупку 90% запасов препарата от COVID-19

The US government bought up 90% of the world’s supply of the drug ramdevpir, which is used for the treatment of coronavirus infection COVID-19. This was at the briefing said President Donald trump, stream posted on Twitter of the White house.

“My administration has secured control of 90% of the world reserves of the drug “Ramdevpir”, which has a great action,” he said.

The US President also announced that he has signed several decrees, which will allow to reduce the prices of medicines in the country. First, according to trump, allows you to import cheaper medicines from other countries, such as Canada. The second requires that discounts that pharmaceutical companies provide to intermediaries, received by the patients. Another decree aimed at reducing the cost of insulin.

In early July that the United States authorities bought almost all the stocks of ramdevpir, reported The Guardian. According to the newspaper, the administration trump bought more than 500 thousand doses of a California biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences. It is all stocks of the company in July and 90% of the August and September stock. According to the respondents publishing experts, thus the States have substantially limited the access of countries around the world to this drug.

Ramdevpir was used for the treatment of Ebola. In mid-April, canadian scientists tested the drug for the treatment of middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and SARS SARS-CoV, similar in structure to the virus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. The researchers reported that ramdevpir blocks the replication of the coronavirus. In may, the U.S. issued an emergency permit for the use of the drug for the treatment of infected with a coronavirus. A similar decision was made by the authorities of several countries, including Japan, South Korea, India, great Britain and Israel.

According to the world health organization (who), ramdevpir is the only antiviral drug that is in testing have shown encouraging results against COVID-19. In organizations reported that patients who took it, recovered faster.

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