Trump announced that the U.S. recognize the terrorist movement “Antifa”

Трамп объявил, что в США признают террористами движение "Антифа"

In the US, the movement “anti-fascists” are going to recognize a terrorist organization.

About it may 31, wrote in his Twitter the President of the United States Donald trump.

“The United States of America appreciate the movement “Antifa” terrorist organization”, – said in a tweet the White house.

The President’s decision apparently linked to protests over the death of a black resident of Minneapolis, George Floyd. Yesterday, 30 may, trump said that what is happening in the country, the protests have nothing to do with justice, and they led by antifa and other leftist radicals.

Antifa (from “anti-fascism”) is an old international movement that aims to fight against fascism. Brings together left-wing and radical left parties and organizations fighting against neo-Nazism and racism.

The term “anti-fascist movement” first appeared in Italy in the 1920-ies, during the reign of Benito Mussolini. It consisted of opponents of the fascist dictator.

A new wave of anti-fascist movement arose after the Second world war, when the countries of the West raised again the head Nazi, fascist and radical nationalist ideology.