Trump builds a state “New Palestine”

Трамп содает государство «Новая Палестина»

Published details of the plan of U.S. President Donald trump on the middle East, known as the “deal of the century”.

About the document that allegedly contains excerpts from the project, reported the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to Israeli media. It is noted that the materials handed to journalists by the staff of the foreign Ministry, the source document is not called.

According to the published plan, Israel, the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas will sign an agreement on the establishment of a Palestinian state – the “New Palestine”. It will include the West Bank of the Jordan river and the Gaza strip, with the exception of the land occupied by Jewish settlements. To the block of the Jewish settlements will connect isolated settlements. They belong to Israel.

The document States that Jerusalem will not be divided, and will receive the status of the joint capital of the “New Palestine” and Israel. It is noted that the Arab residents will become citizens of a Palestinian state. They were forbidden to buy Jewish homes, and Jewish – Arab.

Palestine will get the rent from the land of Egypt near the Gaza strip. They will create an airport, factories, areas for agricultural work and trade. Size and price will determine the territories of the parties, under the mediation of States supporting the agreement: the USA, the EU and the Persian Gulf. They will need to provide “New Palestine” within five years, 30 billion dollars on national projects.

According to the project in a Palestinian state is not the army. It is assumed that light weapons can only have the police. Hamas surrender its weapons at the signing of the agreement. Before the creation of the government members of the movement will receive a salary from the supporting countries. During the year, in Palestine, elections should be held.

In addition, the documents indicate that the Jordan valley belongs to Israel. If Hamas and the PLO refuse the proposals, the US will block financial support to the Palestinians. If the PLO will agree to the terms of the transaction, and not Hamas, the leaders of the movement will be held accountable. The us side also promised in the conflict between Israel and Hamas to support the Israeli side.